Fwd: New Word

Kim & Rima McKinzey rkmck at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Feb 29 05:01:51 UTC 2004

Just got this from a friend. And was Jesse the one in the interview?   Rima

>I heard the following, for the very first time last night.  frienemy,
>frienemies  Friends who act more like enemies.
>Heard on the ET (Entertainment Television) Network in reference to the
>closing of the very popular show 'Sex In The City', and it refers to how
>the 4 women characters get along.
>I once saw an interview with the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary
>and one of the guys said that America adds one new word to the English
>language per DAY!
>So feel free to pass this one on to them.
>Ken Thomson
>San Francisco, CA

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