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   More Chinese food.  OED and Merriam-Webster have 1911 for "sub-gum," from
"_sahp-gam_, lit. assorted, mixed."

Daily Northwestern - 5/4/1903
...lobster salad, and cranberry sauce, egg SUBGUM, chicken chop suey. kisses
and cream..
Oshkosh, Wisconsin Monday, May 04, 1903  1016 k
Pg. 1, col. 6:
   Two expert Chinese cooks prepared the Chinese dishes on the bill of fare.
The menu included the following appetizing dishes: Bird's nest soup, lobster
salad, turkey and cranberry sauce, egg sub-gum, chicken chop suey, kisses and
cream, banana jelly, Chinese fruit, LiChee, Gamgot.

Daily Northwestern - 12/6/1905
...younp birds nest soup, steamed duck, whole, SUB GUM fish, ting Inn
chicken, long ha. don.....guests to the number of twenty at a CHINESE dinner of ten
courses Tuesday evening.....of the dinner in a manner consistent with CHINESE
breeding, that they might be able to.....and carefully prepared. Between
courses CHINESE wines and liquors which Mr. Toy had..
Oshkosh, Wisconsin Wednesday, December 06, 1905  638 k
Pg. 3, col. 3:
   Among the delicacies were kal, young birds nest soup, steamed duck, whole
sub gum fish, ting lan chicken, long ha don lobster, turkey, Chinese style,
and squab, fried in peanut oil.


   It's not in the ADS-L archives, but I've heard it before and I thought
that I had posted it.

Re: What is this #?
... elsewhere that it will be Ed Harris in Needful Things He was played by a
guy with
the last name Rooker, who also played Stallone's "frienemy" in Cliffhanger.
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