No one is above law (1894); Bicycle messenger (1890); Sucker born (1885)

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   Perhaps some legal quotations scholar out there knows more.
AND SAYINGS, pg. 246, has:

_No one is above the law._  The law should be applied equally to all
citizens.  The saying is of American origin and dates back to President Theodore
Roosevelt.  In his Third Annual Message to Congress on December 7, 1903, the
President said, "No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any
man's permission when we require him to obey it."

Daily Review - 1/21/1900
...enter, on THE THEory that he IS ABOVE THE LAW, and hIS defiant violation
of THE of hIS.....years boro him six children. SPAT UPON THE LAW. second wife
he married In detlnnnv of.....of a Henxual doctrine? And nil THE time THE LAW
declared not only polygamy but co.....relinquIShed THE practice of plura But
THE LAW cannot free me from obligations assumed..
Decatur, Illinois Sunday, January 21, 1900  528 k

Daily Review - 3/12/1900
...or which do. not Aar.t do. He IS ABOVE THE LAW wh.-n he LAW IS a
Kiil.lliiK principle In.....siiV Aliovi' and llelo.v. I-. In-low THE LAW when THE LAW
lio ds din mill coinp. U THEse served t furTHEr those on whom THE
LAW had THE seal of condemnation. THE major.....that ChrIStian life was THE
hidden contest IS tin. in IS one and -..-If IS THE Kl'rati..
Decatur, Illinois Monday, March 12, 1900  432 k

Stevens Point Daily Journal - 12/8/1903
...THE enforcement of THE federal anti-trust LAW: and by anoTHEr LAW it has
secured equal.....THE rights of oTHErs. No man IS ABOVE THE LAW and no man IS
below it; nor do we ask any.....of individuals IS In accordance with THE LAW of
THE land, .ivvery man must be.....THE better enforcement of THE anti-trust
LAW as it now stands, to be expended under..
Stevens Point, Wisconsin Tuesday, December 08, 1903  1199 k

Fort Wayne Gazette - 7/14/1894
...furTHEr ihstrnctions. No man ;IS ABOVE THE LAW: THE.linb of-'crirrii-.
nality IS not.....IS prbserfted THE roads have violatedTHE LAW. THE y'prnnd jury
was called. into court.....classes., but Ijotween those violate THE LAW and
those who do not. THE fact' that a.....lo'yoirlf. It. IS' presented and it IS
your diity to IS THE Situation..
Fort Wayne, Indiana Saturday, July 14, 1894  981 k
   14 July 1894, FORT WAYNE GAZETTE (Fort Wayne, Indiana), pg. 4?, col. 5:
_If Railroads Have Broken the_
   _Law Let Them Be Pun-_
   CHICAGO, July 14.--Judge Grosscup called the federal grand jury before him
to-day and delivered to that body further instructions regarding the scope of
the investigation of the strike.  The judge told the grand jurors that it is
their duty to investigate the railroads if evidence is presented to them that
the roads have violated the law.  The grand jury was called into court shortly
before noon.  After hearing a statement from the foreman that the jurors
desired to adjourn this evening until Tuesday in order to return to their homes
for Sunday and giving his consent thereto, the court said: "I have something
more I want to say to you.  It is my duty to give you further instructions.  No
man is above the law.  The line of criminality is not know between classes, but
between those who violate the law and those who do not.  The fact that a man
occupies a high position does not exempt him from indictment or trial.  The
fact that a man occupies a lower position does not preclude him from making
known his grievances.  Your door ought to be open to all who may come with
evidence that is tangible and not based upon mere hearsay. ..."


Bicycle!  BICYCLE!
--Freddie Mercury

   December 2003's OED NEWS advertises that "bicycle messenger" is now at

Decatur Daily Republican - 6/17/1890
...dime saving novelty. It is the BICYCLE MESSENGER headquarters at the Ewing
BICYCLE.....caps with silver plate nsoribod "District MESSENGER Service" ind
number. Remingtons in..
Decatur, Illinois Tuesday, June 17, 1890  689 k
   17 June 1890, DECATUR DAILY REPUBLICAN (Decatur, Illinois), pg. 3?, col.
   I. D. STINE who ioriginated the 10-cent wagon delivery system in Decatur,
is back again, to introduce another dime saving novelty.  It is the Bicycle
District Messenger Service, with headquarters at the Ewing bicycle school.
Packages will be delivered swiftly on the wheels at 10 cents each, bills collected
and messages delivered.  The boys will wear handsome uniforms of blue with
trimmings of brass buttons; stylish caps with silver plate inscvribed "District
Messenger Service" and number.


   Sometimes attributed to P. T. Barnum, but we'd traced ti to Wall Street of
the 1880s.  From

Democratic Standard - 9/2/1892
...theory in Wall street that a fool was BORN EVERY MINUTE, and that longr.s
thiR.bene.....and the squab. .Backed up with appetites BORN by the seashore
and sharpened by the.....from the elevaUxl railroad corporations for EVERY hour
devotcvl by him to the.....Tliey open to EVERYbody and are accrsssible EVERY
day in tho -year. When one stops to..
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, September 02, 1892  800 k

Daily Northwestern - 1/10/1891
...1 remembered that there was a sucker BORN EVERY MINUTE. Whoa 1 remembered
this, I knew.....daughter of the seventh daughter, had been BORN at midnight
aui was afflicted with.....her specialty. She made good wages, too. EVERY
morning and1 night as I circulated to.....I must have been BORN in between MINUTEs,
and would chuckle to..
Oshkosh, Wisconsin Saturday, January 10, 1891  702 k

Indiana Democrat - 9/13/1888
...or an undistributed middle. 'A sucker is BORN EVERY day" is the shell game
operator's.....talking only of Blaino and spent EVERY MINUTE with Blaino Lo
would spend with them.....of constant use has proven its virtues. EVERY family
should keep it in the house.....It effects arc in most cases instantaneous.
EVERY bottli-. warranted to give satisfaction..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Thursday, September 13, 1888  1051 k

Newark Daily Advocate - 12/5/1885
...why you maVe such a kick. Suckers are BORN EVERY DAY." WONDERFULLY MAD
DOG. Chased Oat.....Conrad Bru.'s roust their own coffee; fresh EVERY Jtf How
much i checking incipient.....of Rear Admiral John H. Upshiir. On this DAY Rear
Admiral E. Y. McCauley assumed.....fore-quarters 0 cents per pound. Free soup
EVERY morning at "William "Webb's "Wheeling..
Newark, Ohio Saturday, December 05, 1885  950 k


   Gregory Titelman (AMERICA'S POPULAR PROVERBS AND SAYINGS)  writes:  "It
was attributed to American financier John P. Grier, banker Andrew W. Mellon, and
writer Clare Boothe Luce, but its ultimate origin is unknown."

Chronicle Telegram - 8/29/1949 Claire Booth Luce that NO GOOD DEED GOES unpunished. Exemplary life
The.....for disadvantaged children, would have his GOOD name so besmirched is an
injustice. I am.....the Mars Observer. Only in August the cable GOES out and
the repair guy is on vacation.....his purse to Camp Ronald McDonald for GOOD
Times, a place for children with cancer..
Elyria, Ohio Monday, August 29, 1949  552 k

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