"Monkey Gland" & "Sidecar" cocktails (1923)

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   The "monkey gland" cocktail is not in the revised OED?
   Both of these drinks are mentioned in John Mariani's ENYCLOPEDIA OF
AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999)--even though the cocktails were reputed to have come
from Paris.
   This is an excellent early article....May your all your New Year's
hangovers be pleasant.

Coshocton Tribune - 5/18/1923
...New COCKTAIL Is So-( Called Because It Has 'SIDECAR' is Another the female
sex is -by.....the hospitals. i A "monkey gland" is a now] COCKTAIL which has
what veteran i bar hounds.....officials are fearful of Another r.fw COCKTAIL,
second hojding the bodies above..
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, May 18, 1923  692 k

   18 May 1923, COSHOCTON TRIBUNE (Coshocton, Ohio), pg. 1, col. 6:
_New Cocktail Is So-_
   _Called Because It_
   _Has "Wallop;" "Side-_
   _car" is Another_
   PARIS, May 18.--"A monkey gland in a hurry!"
   That's the latest order in Paris bars, not in the hospitals.
   A "monkey gland" is a new cocktail which has what veteran bar hounds call
an "awful wallop."  It was invented by a famous Paris bartender perticularly
to attract the attention of newly arrived American tourists.
   The ingredients consist of one-half gin, one-half orange juice, a dash of
absinthe and a dash of grenadine, all well shaken together with plenty of ice.
   Another new cocktail, second only in popularity to the monkey gland, has
been named a "side-car," because it takes the imbiber for a ride.
   Two-thirds brandy, one-sixth Cintreau (sic) and one-sixth lemon juice make
up this concoction.

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