Antedating of 'pazazz' (1913)

Sam Clements sclements at NEO.RR.COM
Thu Jan 1 19:26:21 UTC 2004

But not the meaning you think.

Using, from the Ft. Wayne(IN) News, May 31, 1913, page
??(it's the 12th page available for this date in the database, column 2:

    <<"Isn't it a pity," we were saying, "that one has to be indoors this
kind of weather........"
   "Ou-o-oo!" came from the Average Young Man, and he piled a few books and
an inkwell or so within handy reach and went on.  "The next guy that pulls
that hoary wheeze on me gets these right in the pazazz.  I've been hearing
that the whole day and it's about as welcome as a rainy holiday.  Where's
your fetching up?">>

Since the word was sortta new, people used it in different ways.

This story was under a picture/cartoon of the A.Y.M. being bitten by "the
love bug."(which looks like a bird).

Sam Clements

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