Sanitary landfill

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 1 20:38:25 UTC 2004

For the record, "sanitary landfill" is NOT a synonym for "garbage dump".  A
_santiary landfill_ is a garbage dump that has been constructed so that toxic
or other substances in the landfill will not leach into the surrounding

As far as I kaow, "landfill" is a synonym, perhaps euphemistic, for "garbage
dump", since I know of no other type of garbage dump than one that sits in the
middle of the landscape.

It is interesting that peole who talk about reducing the amount of garbage
generated (as by recycling, etc) say "reducing the need for landfill space" or
some such but never (as best as I can recall) refer to "reducing the need for
garbage dump space."

     - Jim Landau

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