Hot Stove League (1910); Razz Berry (1919); Great Minds (1871)

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   A re-check, using and the full-text SPORTING NEWS.
People talk about baseball during the winter?
   The HDAS has September 1912.  THE SPORTING NEWS first has it in 1920!

Indianapolis Star - 2/22/1912
...plan. Others on the list dug up by the HOT STOVE LEAGUE's official
statistician were.....Aqullla Jones was as an umpjre. The HOT; STOVE LEAGUE will hold
an other meeting today.....declares his youngsters are in fine spirits HOT
STOVE Circuit Fans Promise Aid to Snow.....Maclt and thjrty Philadelphia
American LEAGUE are expected to reach Ban Antonio late..
Indianapolis, Indiana Thursday, February 22, 1912  901 k

Daily Review - 12/26/1910
...Is doing chores and keeping busy in the HOT STOVE LEAGUE at the old home
town. with the view of seeing how the major LEAGUE stars did
thinga, and dally compared.....Lush, Durr and Andereon. BASEBALL LEAGUE Chicago,
Mobile, Louisville and New.....Circuit. Chicago, Dec. 26. A negro baseball
LEAGUE, takingin at least five cities in the..
Decatur, Illinois Monday, December 26, 1910  573 k
   26 December 1910,  DECATUR REVIEW (Decatur, Illinois), pg. 5, col. 1:
   Historians recording the life battles and career of Harry Lord rise to
remark that this noted athlete was literally kicked into professional baseball.
Picture such a fate at this stage of the game, yet the version of his earliest
start is true according to the White Sox third sacker, who is doing chores
and keeping busy in the Hot Stove League at the old home town, South Portlant,

Daily Review - 10/12/1912
...providing a lot more hard luck far the HOT STOVE LEAGUE this winter.
PROVES STUMBLING.....Nationals In the fifth game of the Inter-LEAGUE series, G to
2. The American LEAGUE.....and Taffies. Remember Us for Drinks, HOT or Cold Ins
Oreain in following f avorn.....Oct. 12. The Philadelphia American LEAGUE
baseball team won the loeal..
Decatur, Illinois Saturday, October 12, 1912  527 k

Indianapolis Star - 2/11/1911
...Bob hasn't been a star In-.tlie HOT-STOVE LEAGUE this he too busy. From
his home.....jming season. Terre Haute of the Central LEAGUE yes'Tday .purchased
Bobby Grogan, an.....lyed Ift8t year with Dayton in the Onl LEAGUE and was
sold to the coast organization.....he declines to name. Lynch of the National
LEAGUE 'uncsed last night the approval of the..
Indianapolis, Indiana Saturday, February 11, 1911  1081 k
   11 February 1911, INDIANAPOLIS STAR (Indiana), pg. 10, col. 1:
(...)  By H. G. COPELAND
   "Our Bob" Hardgrove, the Missouri string boy, has scented the first nreath
of baseball atmosphere and he is anxious to know what is doing in the
baseball world.  "Our Bob" hasn't been a star in the hot-stove league this winter--he
has been too busy.  From his home in Monmouth he writes to inquire whether
the American Association is still in existence and he is anxious to know when
hostilities will open.

RAZZ BERRY (1919) & RAZZBERRY (1920)

   I'd posted a 1920 "razzberry" from the American Periodical Series Online.

Reno Evening Gazette - 11/12/1919
...months ;J19i9 show an increase of about BY RAZZ BERRY _ R.'iilroad travel
oust is very..
Reno, Nevada Wednesday, November 12, 1919  721 k

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - 7/13/1919 far as big matches are concerned. RAZZ BERRY'S COLUMN Cincinnati is
Fort Wayne, Indiana Sunday, July 13, 1919  935 k
   13 July 1919, FORT WAYNE JOURNAL-GAZETTE (Fort Wayne, Indiana), pg. 8?,
col. 2:

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - 8/31/1919
...313. STYLES CHANGE IN 50 YEARS. (By RAZZ BERRY) The first fifty years of
Fort Wayne, Indiana Sunday, August 31, 1919  814 k

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - 8/7/1919
...were discussion. I theretake the liberty of RAZZ BERRY) You want to whip
the keep 'em off..
Fort Wayne, Indiana Thursday, August 07, 1919  799 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 11/11/1919
...undefeated playt-r. PROFESSIONAL CARDS BY RAZZ BERRY The world is
gettingstranger day..
Reno, Nevada Tuesday, November 11, 1919  724 k

Sheboygan Press - 9/13/1919
...teams get under way. Stylet Change In 50 By RAZZ BERRY. The first fifty
years football..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Saturday, September 13, 1919  839 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 10/16/1920
...pit, prestionlate. and srive 'cm the old RAZZBERRY. Anyway Archhald and
the plane..
Appleton, Wisconsin Saturday, October 16, 1920  838 k
   26 October 1829, APPLETON POST-CRESCENT (Appleton, Wisconsin), pg. 8, col.
   Some say he was seen to lean from the cock pit, gesticulate and give 'em
the old razzberry.


   The OED Appeals List has "great minds think alike," out-of-order under
"mind."  It needs an antedate of 1873.
   Is there some guy bagging groceries at Wal-Mart twelve hours a day doing
all OED's science terms?...Wright American Fiction (where this is from) will be
down from 8 a.m. until noon on Friday.

Print Source:   Was she engaged?
Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott, 1871.
Pg. 234:  "By Jove, old fellow, you have hit it  How did you know so well
what I was going to day?  Ah!  I know now!  'Great minds think alike,' is the old

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