Dashi.Zoni,Yuzu,Kamaboko (1960); Chicken Fried Steak (1923); White Hots (1933)

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   OED has 1963 for "dashi," or "Cooking stock, esp. a fish stock based upon
dried bonito ans seaweed; a broth made from the dried flesh of the bonito."
MERRIAM-WEBSTER has "ca. 1961."
   It's about that time in ProQuest's LOS ANGELES TIMES project to check for
Japanese cooking.
   David Rosengarten's IT'S ALL AMERICAN FOOD (2003), pg. 186: " *Dashi*
Before you move on to other Japanese dishes, you're going to need dashi.  This
seaweed-and-dried fish stock is one of the fundamental elements of the Japanese
kitchen; it is a building block for many, many dishes in the Japanese
   "Zoni" is a Japanese rice-cake soup that's served on New Year's.  Happy
new year!
"Zoni" has about 260 English-language Google hits; it's not in the OED.
"Kamaboko" has 10,500 Google hits; it's also not in the OED.  "Yuzu" (with the
word "citrus" added) has 4.380 Google hits; it's also not in the OED.

Reno Evening Gazette - 12/31/1960
...toss salad and garnish 1 carrot 3 tarn cup DASHI Va tsp, shoyu Vi tsp.
salt 2 rw.....Wide Holiday Feasts Bring Varied Recipes JAPANESE families
throughout the world and.....make 12 slices. Boil carrots and laro with DASHI. When
soft, flavor slightly with shoyu.....or sherry) 5 tbsp. Shoyu Vi tsp. powdered
JAPANESE pepper Boil lobsters about 20..
Reno, Nevada Saturday, December 31, 1960  654 k
   31 December 1960, RENO EVENING GAZETEE (Reno, Nevada), pg. 5, col. 4:
   _(Rice Cake Soup)_
5 oz. soft chicken
1 tsp. cornstarch
1 Kamaboko (fish gelatine)
(Col. 5--ed.)
1 carrot
2 taro
1/2 cup dashi
1/2 tsp. shoyu
1/2 tsp. salt
2 oz. spinach
  a little skin of yuzu (citron or lemon)
12 pieces mochi
6 cups dashi
1 tbsp. salt
1 tbsp. shoyu
   Slice chicken thinly into mouthful sizes.  Make 12 slices.  Sprinkle
cornstarch over slices; beat them with the back of a knife to make them larger.
Boil in hot water.
   Slice Kamaboko into 6 one-quarter-inch slices.  Cut carrot into
cherry-flower shapes making 6 one-quarter-inch slices.  Peel taro, slice from end to end
1/4 inch thick and make 12 slices.  Boil carrots and taro with dashi.  When
soft, flavor slightly with shoyu and salt.
   Boil spinach in hot water and take out while still green.  Cut into 1 inch
lengths.  Slice skin of yuzu into thin strips (shape of pine-needles).  Toast
rice-cakes.  Boil dashi with shoyu and salt and warm the kamaboko and other
ingredients in it.
   Put two pieces of rice-cake, two slices of chicken, 1 slice of carrot, 2
slices of taro, 2 slice of kamaboko and a little spinach in (Col. 6--ed.) each
bowl.  Pour hot soup over them and float needle shaped yuzu in the soup.

Mountain Democrat - 7/14/1900
...tori, chestnuts boiled and crushed ka mush; KAMABOKO, Hsh picked rolled
Into little balls..
Placerville, California Saturday, July 14, 1900  437 k

Mountain Democrat - 7/14/1900
...lori, chestnuts boiled .iod crushed M mush; KAMABOKO, 1'isli ph'krd
Atfierk-ans sewing..
Placerville, California Saturday, July 14, 1900  444 k
(The article is on the margin and is illegible in parts--ed.)
   14 July 1900, MOUNTAIN DEMOCRAT (Placerville, California), pg. ?, col. 1:
   First, cuimono, a bean soup; ??itori, chestnuts boiled and crushed ?? a
mush; kamaboko, fish picked ?? and rolled into little balls and bak-?? sashimi,
raw fish cut into thin ?? and covered with ice.  This is ??ped into rich sauce
called soy, and ?? really very good.  Little cups of ?? sake, the native
brandy made of ?? are served with each course.  Nap ?? and bread are unknown


   This ad ran for several weeks.  The ADS-L archive seems to be down today,
but this is slightly earlier than previously recorded for this important
American regional dish.

Chillicothe Constitution - 2/13/1923
...30 today. Wednesdav dinner include CHICKEN FRIED'STEAK. including regui'ar
Chillicothe, Missouri Tuesday, February 13, 1923  551 k
   13 February 1923, CHILICOTHE CONSTITUTION (Chilicothe, Missouri), pg. 1,
col. 2:
   Chicken dinner 5:30 today.  Wed-
nesday 5:30 dinner include Chicken
Fried Steak, including regular menu.
Schneider Star Cafe, 508 Locust St.


   The earliest "white hots" cites for you "hot dog" folks out there.  All
are 1933.

Times Recorder - 8/8/1933
...so that the full flavor is brought out. WHITE HOTS may be prepared by
frying over a.....nearest Kroger Meat Market now and ask for WHITE HOTS. Boiling
Beef lb. Frankfurters.....AT SLATES FURNITURE STORE Extra Special WHITE -HOTS
4th Market St. Phone 4204-W This.....Hlttte reunion will be held next Sunday at
WHITE's school house near Gilbert station..
Zanesville, Ohio Tuesday, August 08, 1933  951 k

Salamanca Republican Press - 9/27/1933
...I O iOC SOMETHING NEW Try AHRENS Home Made "WHITE HOTS" Fresh Made Head
Cheese, Blood.....sig-j tlns Mr' and Mrs. G. Hemtz. nificant WHITE House
conference. vs of other aspects.....of red, [into the park some time ago. The WHITE
and blue flowers, reciting by j..
Salamanca, New York   Wednesday, September 27, 1933  996 k

Zanesville Signal - 8/7/1933
...so that the full flavor is brought out. WHITE HOTS may he prepared by
frying over a.....nearest Kroger Meat Market now and ask for WHITE HOTS. PORK
CHOPS Boiling Beef lb. 7ic.....Patriotic decorations prevailed and red, WHITE I
and blue were further carried out In.....oolj tor Shop Safely at Extra Special
IE "HOTS This sausage was originated exclusively..
Zanesville, Ohio Monday, August 07, 1933  728 k

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