The Whole Schmear (1973); Jersey Lighning (1848), off to West Africa

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   A food roundup, searched with
   I will be in Ghana, Mali, and Senegal from later today until January 24.
In case my plane gets terrorized or simply crashes, tell my sister to leave
all my money to the Chicago Public Library.
   The 1924 and 1926 "Big Apple" columns that had been put online by are no longer available there, or anywhere.  Not on the mayor's web
site, not at the Gotham Center, not at the New-York Historical Society, not
at the Museum of the City of New York, not at the New York Public Library.  If
I don't make it back, Gerald Cohen should make sure that "Big Apple Corner" is
removed forever.


   I had recorded a 1969 "whole schmear."  It usually doesn't contain nine
yards of wax.

Coshocton Tribune - 11/30/1957
...knew that I saw it, that I wash'( out to SCHMEAR anybody we were in."
Ruben looked.....over at Doberman who was ogling the DELICATESSEN delicacies
again. Somebody asked..
Coshocton, Ohio Saturday, November 30, 1957  740 k
   30 November 1957, COSCHOCTON TRIBUNE (Coshocton, Ohio), pg.  5, cols. 2-3
(Phil Silvers story):
   "And when the guys knew that I saw it, that I wasn't out to schmear
anybody, we were in."

("The Whole Schmear")
Chronicle Telegram - 6/9/1973
...Hay ward, teaching what she terms "the WHOLE SCHMEAR" of beginning
psychology. "As a..
Elyria, Ohio Saturday, June 09, 1973  601 k

Gettysburg Times - 2/26/1982
...skip-andjump. hurdles, field events, the WHOLE SCHMEAR." Chamberlain was a
high school..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Friday, February 26, 1982  604 k

Chronicle Telegram - 12/26/1974
...Reserve claus. draft. Rozelle rule, the WHOLE SCHMEAR." That's the Joe
Kapp case.....contract, it's called human nature." the WHOLE thing tickles me.
Bill. I like the..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, December 26, 1974  453 k


   DARE has 1852.

Republican Compiler - 12/8/1856 Joe was a regular old toper, aud JERSEY LIGHTNING had ao more
efffet on inskka.....afscr it was presented, .for adoption New JERSEY and and on
v.-h-jr-c adir.inistrittion..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Monday, December 08, 1856  775 k

Huron Reflector - 4/11/1848 a gallon of lonongahely agin a pint of JERSEY LIGHTNING, icreaint
another case on..
Norwalk, Ohio Tuesday, April 11, 1848  1060 k
   11 April 1848,  HURON REFLECTOR (Norwalk, Ohio), pg. 1, col. 1:
   "They do?  Well, I'll bet you a gallon of Monongehely agin a pint of
Jersey lightning there aint another case on record!" said Joe.


   OED has 1924 for "toast melba" and 1925 for "melba toast."

Appleton Post Crescent - 7/12/1924
...or even while she nibbled fragile curls of MELBA TOAST, a. lettuce leaf,
and half a..
Appleton, Wisconsin Saturday, July 12, 1924  788 k
   12 July 1924, APPLETON POST-CRESCENT (Appleton, Wisconsin), pg. 12, col. 2
(From SO BIG by Edna Ferber):
   It made him uncomfortable to sit atthe table facing her; eating his
thorough meal while she nibbled fragile curls of Melba toast, a lettuce leaf, and
half a sugarleaf grapefruit.


   This (1884) is slightly earlier than the 1890 date I'd posted; the other
citations place the dish firmly in Ohio.

La Porte City Review - 5/1/1884
...fatigued, has often destrovedlJa. Uuldcn VINEGAR PIE: One-half cup of
water, one-halt..
La Porte City, Iowa Thursday, May 01, 1884  601 k
   1 May 1884, LA PORTE CITY REVIEW (La Porte City, Iowa), pg. 7?, col. 3:
   --Vinegar Pie: One-half cup of water, one-half cup of molasses, one
cracker, a little salt and nutmeg, and one tablespoonful of vinegar.--_The

Indiana Democrat - 7/4/1900 cook. Another desert in Ohio was VINEGAR PIE. A PIE pan was lined with
crust as for.....with flour, to which was added sufficient, VINEGAR to give a
strongly acid flavor. A.....unknown. In farming districts, where PIE is
considered a necessary article of diet.....are sometimes pressed into service in PIE
-making in some of the Canadian provinces..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Wednesday, July 04, 1900  777 k
   4 July 1900, INDIANA DEMOCRAT (Indiana, Pennsylvania), pg.7?, col. 4:
   Another dessert in Ohio was vinegar pie.  A pie pan was lined with crust
as for custard pie.  This was filled with a mixture of cold water, richly
sweetened, slightly thickened with flour, to which was added sufficient vinegar to
give a strongly acid flavor.  A pinch of cinnamon was sprinkled over the
liquid after it was poured into the crust, then slender strips of pie dough were
fastened across to make a tart.  If baked in a properly heated oven the liquid,
as it cooked, thickened into a stick paste.

Indiana County Gazette - 1/9/1901
...that dear soul that first disivercd VINEGAR PIE: yes, even VINEGAR has
passed away. too.....he did. The recipi Fas passed around, and VINEGAR PIE pread
like wildfire to the.....I place, not so much because she disred the VINEGAR
PIE, though that is b. bnt becansp I.....tlie early ditys of Ohio Ihi'i-e n
vim-gar PIE. A imxtv was nuiilo ..r for a third PIEce..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Wednesday, January 09, 1901  618 k
   9 January 1901, INDIANA COUNTY GAZETTE (Indiana, Pennsylvania), pg.
   "In the early days of Ohio there was a vinegar pie.  A paste was made of
flour and water.  Enough vinegar was added to give it a pleasant tartness, and
sugar was stirred in to suit the taste.  Then this was used as a filling for
the top and bottom crust.  Smile if you cvan at this poor effort, but bethink
you who it was that made it and where and why.  We may set the scene in a log
cabin in the wild woods of the Western Reserve and people it with settlers from
Connecticut, an ambitious husband and his young wife, who have left behind
them the old folks at home...
   The recipe was passed around, and vinegar pie spread like wildfire to the
southward, to the people that call a pail a bucket and a basin a pan...


   These are a little earlier than John Mariani and Jean Anderson have

Sheboygan Press - 9/12/1911
...Astor. Fuil Instructions for Cooking SWISS STEAK, Potato Waffles and
Boiled Meat.....the gravy is already made and is delicious. SWISS STEAK is best
when prepared with these batter cases. Swiis One pound of STEAK, one
cupful of flout salt and pepper.....toes, one sliced onicn, water. Have the
STEAK cut two laches thick, and pound into it..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Tuesday, September 12, 1911  972 k

Indianapolis Star - 4/27/1910
...opens Monday, send in entries at once. SWISS STEAK FOR FAMILY OF Take 20
cent's.....people. Beef fTake 30 cents worth of round STEAK and fi cents worth
of pork, fround. To.....Cut one and 'onehalf pounds of round STEAK Into neat
strips. Fry lightly in hot.....OYSTERS AND BEEF OLIVES. Halve some round STEAK,
cut rather thin and divide it Into..
Indianapolis, Indiana Wednesday, April 27, 1910  1245 k

Stevens Point Daily Journal - 4/27/1911 browned first, then stewed. A SWISS STEAK Is prepared as above, but
is a STEAK.....and cooked, aro most palatable. Tjiiy tin STEAK on a moat board
and score It well with..
Stevens Point, Wisconsin Thursday, April 27, 1911  715 k

Evening News - 6/19/1907
...them Eat with butter, molasses or honey. SWISS STEAK. Get a round (teak,
about three..
Ada, Oklahoma Wednesday, June 19, 1907  482 k


Freeborn County Standard - 11/25/1891
...before Convicted All right. Send In a NEW ENGLAND BOILED DINNER. No you
don't. I can't.....Our table looked lovely day. Mamma bought a NEW and napkins
and some NEW dishes. Aunt.....and she did' n'i until we were half through
DINNER, then she looked at Aunt Grace and.....of It ran down In Aunt Martha's lap
ou her NEW silk drc'.s. Mauunn took Toot upstairs..
Albert Lea, Minnesota Wednesday, November 25, 1891  699


   John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999) mentions
Marlborough, Connecticut; Marlboro, Massachusetts; Marlboro, New Jersey; and
Marlboro, New York.  No evidence, of course--just mentioning everything.
   DARE gives no explanation.

Trenton Times - 11/28/1899
...for instance, the Washington PIE in< the MARLBOROUGH PIE. Boston CV
Bulletin. A.....may that man' Ii truly great when he has a PIE named for him..
Trenton, New Jersey   Tuesday, November 28, 1899  689 k
   28 November 1899, TRENTON TIMES, pg. 5, col. 4:
   You may say that a man is truly great when he has a pie named for him, as,
for instance, the Washington pie and the Marlborough pie.  Boston Commercial

   See this in the ADS-L archives.

Appleton Post Crescent - 11/18/1923
LOBSTER.....21-22 PATCHWORK r t euwtw Hwy. 45-54, New LONDON, Wis. PRIME STEER
Appleton, Wisconsin Sunday, November 18, 1923  370 k


Chronicle Telegram - 11/12/1970
...point can do a lot to reduce the amount of "JUNK" FOODS eaten between
meals. Why is.....tuna are in verv good supply in November. FOODS of USDA's
plentiful FOODS list nude to provide your ter with good FOODS at each
meal. In the morning offer him.....frankfurters, sausage, peanut butter. Such
FOODS give him the substances necessary for..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, November 12, 1970  432 k

Chronicle Telegram - 11/10/1965
...and you'll have it made. Cut out the "JUNK" FOODS. Take It from a
12-year-old who.....just cut out the sweet snacks and the gooey FOODS I used to be
always eating between..
Elyria, Ohio Wednesday, November 10, 1965  505 k

Chronicle Telegram - 9/17/1965
...well-balanced meals a day cut out the "JUNK" FOODS. After school have a
pick-up: an..
Elyria, Ohio Friday, September 17, 1965  531 k

Times Recorder - 4/2/1943
...your Box here now V "Zancwtllet Ciand Cia .'JUNK' FOOD Production ]s War
Effort.....have erred seriously in considering FOOD production us a civilian,
i-alher thdri.....of civilian lupply, wan submitted to the FOOD requirements
committee, which..
Zanesville, Ohio Friday, April 02, 1943  533 k


Reno Evening Gazette - 9/27/1939
...milk. It's nothing but spinach, That SLANG sounds funnier than It tastes.
Stop.....altar of ferns and fall flowers. The lovely BLONDE bride was
becomingly dressed in a.....s cake. The couple lcft_for New Under -arm CREAM Deodorant
safely Stops Perspiration.....4. A pure white, greaselesi, less vanishing
CREAM. B. Arrid has been awarded the Approval..
Reno, Nevada Wednesday, September 27, 1939  753 k
   27 September 1939, RENO EVENING GAZETTE (Reno, Nevada), pg. 10, col. 1:
    It's nothing but spinach.  That slang sounds funnier than it tastes.
Stop thinking of spinach as a cure-all or a "must" for little girls and boys, and
treat it as an honorable and delicious member of the vegetable family.


(Blue Plate Special)
Appleton Post Crescent - 4/18/1930
...lands in Wisconsin. OOOOOOl BURT'S BLUE PLATE SPECIAL Dinner For Saturday
St. Joseph.....waistline that is so 'entirely girlish. A BLUE and white dimity
print was About 15.....parulyzcd. Thc baby was uninjured. SPECIAL Lenten
services will be held at.....white organdie' .with ruffling. in the BLUE shade.
Style 3.439 comes in sizes 11, 13..
Appleton, Wisconsin Friday, April 18, 1930  804 k

Chronicle Telegram - 9/21/1928 she herself would cook it. Our BLUE PLATE SPECIAL Lunch has become the
talk of..
Elyria, Ohio Friday, September 21, 1928  727 k

(Blue Plate Dinner)
Middletown Daily Herald - 10/26/1923
...SPECIAL Snjittay, JOctober 28, 1923. BLUE PLATE DINNER OUres TO-NIGHT
jf-i-1-ff M Set..
Middletown, New York   Friday, October 26, 1923  725 k

Coshocton Tribune - 9/13/1929
...employes sot jobs. Who invented the BLUE PLATE DINNER? Ann for? A
knife '.veil studied by policemar. ar.d everv BLUE-stocking in
Boston as v.'eil as..
Coshocton, Ohio Friday, September 13, 1929  757 k

Washington Post - 10/27/1921
...waiter will secure Have You Tried the BLUE PLATE DINNER at It'U Surprise
You. Every.....Spanish Amliaasador ana Mme. entertained at DINNER last eVe-" at
'the iin the eornpany.....embassy and Mme. Bernezzo enter-: tained at DINNER
last evening at Ratfscher's in honor..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Thursday, October 27, 1921  913 k

Nevada State Journal - 4/15/1924
...Regular Meals Served 'Special BLUE, PLATE" DINNER .Served Strictly .Home
Reno, Nevada Tuesday, April 15, 1924  714 k

Middletown Daily Herald - 10/28/1923
...B SPECIAL uiuliiy, October 2K, IftiKt. BLUE PLATE DINNER itefreshinenis
were served fol..
Middletown, New York   Sunday, October 28, 1923  723 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 4/14/1924
...Homelike Regular Meals Served "Special BLUE PLATE" DINNER Served Every
Evening From to P..
Reno, Nevada Monday, April 14, 1924  567 k

Washington Post - 10/29/1921
...Every evening -daily and we a special BLUE PLATE DINNER at that trill
exactly please you.....container 3 dozen eggs'. .1.85 No Special DINNER Dance
Service a ta Carte Saturday, Get.....and MrsHooves. Will attend thfe Stanford
DINNER to Be given at the Columbia Country.....counselor of the Japanese embassy,
gave a DINNER last evening at Hattscher's to his..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Saturday, October 29, 1921  756 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 4/22/1924
...served Strictly home cooking. "Special BLUE PLATE" DINNER served every
evening E from 5.....and Rib Pork Chops, 2 Ibsj for 35c Beef PLATE Boil, 3 Ibs.
Reno, Nevada Tuesday, April 22, 1924  644 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 9/13/1929
...employes got Jobs. Who invented the BLUE PLATE DINNER? And what for? A
knife and.....Visitors from Lasscn county told of a huge BLUE bull that roamed
tho Madeline Plains and..
Reno, Nevada Friday, September 13, 1929  757 k

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