"A hot bird and a cold bottle" (1893)

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_Hot bird and a cold bottle._  A double entendre used to describe those
late-night pleasures sought out by youing men-about-town in New York City during
the period just before World War I.  The "hot bird" referred both to a warm dish
and to a woman of easy virtue; the "cold bottle" would usually be champagne.
--John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999), pg. 158.

   Sorry, nothing to do with the Larry Bird's Boston Celtics.

Newark Daily Advocate - 11/25/1895
...Quoth, "A large COLD BOTTLE and a small i HOT BIRD." Fool that I WUH, I
did not Imow.....Was the large COLD BOTTLE, not the small HOT BIRD. Of course I
know it wasn't, and I'm.....praises shall be heard Of the large COLD BOTTLE,
not the small HOT BIRD. Mr. Billings.....What horror was encompassed in that
small HOT BIRD. Oh, what a head I bad on me when I..
Newark, Ohio Monday, November 25, 1895  740 k

Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel - 1/11/1905
Wfllle Moth..
Fort Wayne, Indiana Wednesday, January 11, 1905  849 k

Trenton Times - 3/27/1906
...of Assembly, in of the "COLD BOTTLE .and. HOT BIRD." PROMOTING CO.
Trenton, New Jersey   Tuesday, March 27, 1906  748 k

Atlanta Constitution - 2/5/1903
...New Orleans. A nice COLD BOTTLE and a small HOT BIRD; let the be one of
Cook's Extra Ory.....Lemon HOT Drops will cure any Cough or COLD promptly, as
cents per BOTTLE at all.....the suit for damages. Is learned that one BIRD, a
outler littleton, whohad sold meat to.....attend. MERCURY GOING DOWN GRADE Clear
and COLD Weather Will Be Experienced Today in..
Atlanta, Georgia Thursday, February 05, 1903  566 k

Atlanta Constitution - 10/12/1906
...and coffee at o'clock, instead of the HOT BIRD and COLD BOTTLE. There was
a varied.....and the game was followed by a delicious HOT course and The
prizes were new books, and.....authorities then them this morning for the BIRD
time. Funeral of Rome. October The.....Vail Store of the South. HIGH CO., Atlanta,
COLD Winds Bring Chapped Faces Now is the..
Atlanta, Georgia Friday, October 12, 1906  640 k

Trenton Times - 11/24/1903
...person or found some liberal friend. "A HOT BIRD and a COLD BOTTLE" would
be but a memory.....my trouble. I was induced to buy a BOTTLE of Kidney-Wort
Tablets, change in my..
Trenton, New Jersey   Tuesday, November 24, 1903  539 k

Sandusky Star - 3/26/1904
...dainty little lover? of a COLD BOTTLE and a HOT BIRD, called adtresposL
Indeed, th'e.....the piano. One good thing about this last COLD wave warning, is
thart the results were..
Sandusky, Ohio Saturday, March 26, 1904  453 k

Gettysburg Compiler - 5/14/1895
...delight in "a large COLD BOTTLE and a small HOT BIRD." Year after year a
war of.....with modern conveniences, electric lights, HOT and COLD baths. Ac.'
new furniture, wide.....of merry, rollicking melody, is the "rice-BIRD" in the
Carolinas and the "reed-BIRD.....and much older than his time. means a BOTTLE
or flask. When the Italian..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Tuesday, May 14, 1895  988 k

Daily Advocate - 1/18/1894
...a supper that tastes better than any HOT BIRD and COLD BOTTLE that he
could order down.....go to the Pickwick, or elsewhere, for the HOT BIRDs and COLD
BOTTLEs. I think John and.....results of this disease. By all means get a
BOTTLE and try it. It is i guaranteed, and.....loathsome spot I ever beheld. Itls
made at HOT Ik Srings, Ark., from natural HOT water..
Newark, Ohio Thursday, January 18, 1894  845 k

Fresno Weekly Republican - 12/17/1897
...time t tint has the COLD BOTTLE and the HOT BIRD on the eo to tbe
Tenderloin. li in.....rell those distressed with iiilluonza and COLD, fore Judge Kilby
Friday and pleaded..
Fresno, California Friday, December 17, 1897  642 k

Fort Wayne Sentinel - 1/21/1896
...then consoled him with a COLD BOTTLE and a HOT BIRD in the early morning
hours. He took.....I'. 3. A. Fresh Fruits the Vcar Kouiul. The COLD
storagesystem has opened up.....from murker altogether, ttie COLD storage plan enable.-'
tin-in tu be kept.....tho aid of au aiumouiuuul liquid. A Kausas COLD storage
establishment which netted its..
Fort Wayne, Indiana Tuesday, January 21, 1896  1030 k

Hamilton Daily Republican - 6/3/1893
...fact that the other was 'Til call it a HOT BIRD and a COLD BOTTLE. said
the jndge. and.....ten new shares were taken. A HOT BIRO AND COLD BOTTLE. Report
of Two Mushroom Judge..
Hamilton, Ohio Saturday, June 03, 1893  748 k
   3 June 1893, HAMILTON DAILY REPUBLICAN (Hamilton, Ohio), pg. 4, col. 2:
_The Report of Two Mushroom Hunts--_
   _Judge Berry's Amusement._
   "I'll call it a hot bird and a cold bottle," said the judge, and the three
gentlemen left their chairs and started off towards High street.

Hamilton Daily Republican - 12/24/1894
...Col. C. K. Smith will feast on a HOT BIRD and regale hi mself from a COLD
BOTTLE.....up grewsoMely. tan over and sizzled in the HOT ashes. I found him,
the personification.....lay all that now remained of sister Bessie COLD in
death. I screamed and presently a man.....Vis cake silver cake chocolate cake HOT
miucc pie sliced apple pie Assorted fruit..
Hamilton, Ohio Monday, December 24, 1894  928 k

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