"pizazz" and "right in the pazazz"

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Thu Jan 8 18:01:29 UTC 2004

Douglas Wilson correctly questions my assertion that "right in the
pazazas" in the quote below refers to the rear-end. The term might
just as easily refer to the face. I'll try to obtain the book by
interlibrary loan and see if any further clarification is given.

Gerald Cohen

At 12:07 AM -0500 1/8/04, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>X-Sender: douglas at pop3.nb.net
>Subject:      Re: "pizazz" and "right in the pazazz"
>>... Note "right in the pazazas", which does seem to refer to the rear-end.
>Why is "pazazas" thought to refer to the backside? It looks ambiguous to
>me. Is there more?

>by Clare Briggs
>P. F. Volland & Co., Chicago
>    "Mulligan" is not here, either, and it's not in THE DUFFER'S
>HANDBOOK OF GOLF (1926) by Grantland Rice and Clare Briggs.  (Clare
>Briggs was a longtime cartoonist on the New York Herald Tribune.)
>"Mulligan" probably dates from the 1930s.
>    This book is not paginated:
>To the Scoffers, the Duffers, and the Golfers, this book is dedicated.
>"Right in the Pazazas."

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