Singular y'all (and yuz)?

Prof. R. Sussex sussex at UQ.EDU.AU
Sat Jan 10 23:53:30 UTC 2004

Yous(e) is also common in colloquial speech in Australia and New
Zealand; with increasing Americanization, so is "yous guys".
Originally plural, it is now singular as well, though that usage is

It is common as a vocative (plural especially):
        Hey yous, what ya doin'?
It seems to be found especially in questions:
        What do yous think yer doin'?
It's less common as a subject or object in declaratives, mostly after verbs:
        ??yous don't look too great
        I didn't see yous in the pub Sat'dy
It is marginal after prepositions:
        ??I didn't send it to yous ...

Do these oddities match "youse" in NYC, or "y'all" in the rest of the
US? We don't have "y'all" at all ... so far.

Roly Sussex


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