Spin-Off of "Metrosexual"

John McChesney-Young panis at PACBELL.NET
Mon Jan 12 04:26:27 UTC 2004

I forwarded the link to the ADS 2004 WOTY survey to a friend who
reported of a friend of hers:

... his favorite new word is "betterosexual" which he defines as a
heterosexual man with all the good qualities of a gay man (Sensitive New
Age Guy, excellent taste, etc....)

(end quote)

A Google web search turns up only two hits for the term, both at the
same blog site:

(August 7th entry; definitions of a number of *sexual coinages)
(December 3rd entry, in which he notes that his is the only site
which Google finds for the word)

His definition differs from that of my FOF. It begins:

"BETTEROSEXUAL: This group doesn't actually exist although most
people believe it does.  No matter what you get, this group always
seems to be getting more or a better variety/quality than you."

(end quote)

A Google Usenet search turns up no hits.

As an aside, "Sensitive New Age Guy" is a specific allusion to the
Christine Lavin song by the same title (except plural):



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