three time's a charm

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(Source: Eighteenth Century Collection Online, Gale Group)

Bussy, Roger de Rabutin, comte de. The amorous history of the Gauls.
Written in French by Roger de Rabutin, Count de Bussy, and now translated
into English. London, 1725
    ... The Countess d'Olonne, who feared as much as myself such another
Misfortune had already befallen me, far from frightening me with
reproaches, said all she could to to recall my Assurance, which I had
almost lost; and, in effect, if I was bewitch'd two days before, I broke
the Charm the third time.

The patriot miscellany: or, a collection of essays relative to the
political contests in Ireland, ... Dublin, 1756. 560pp. Vol. 2 of 2
    ... wish them Life and Health, that (if they come with the same hostile
Intentions) you may beat them again, and the third Time is the Charm.

Walker, George. Perseverance: or, the third time the best. A musical
entertainment, in two acts. As performed at the Theatres Royal, Covent
Garden, and Crow ... Dublin, 1793.
    What perseverance is in love,
         Tho' many things alarm;
    If twice in vain our efforts prove,
         The third time has a charm:

Hope that helps.

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At 09:14 PM 1/13/04, you wrote:
>Try "third time's a charm" or "third time's the charm" or "third time is a
>charm" or "third time is the charm". I see examples back to 1880 at
>N'archive. Possibly there's something in the OED or ....
>To me the expression means "on the third try one gets lucky" or something
>like that.
>-- Doug Wilson

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