Montagnards & 9 yards proposal

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Fri Jan 16 21:33:37 UTC 2004

   Greetings from Saint Louis, Senegal...ONE degree in New York City?  Bwaaaa!!
   I return to Dakar tomorrow.  On my city tour I'll try to find an elusive cookbook.  I leave for Ghana the day after that (Sunday).

FCFA or CFA (continued)

   FCFA (the currency) is also abbreviated "francs CFA."  CFA is not in the OED, either, as an entry, but it is mentioned in other entries.


   We saw the salt piles by the pink lake.  Someone said it reminded her of "cornmeal snow."  Another person said he knew the term only as "corn snow."
   DARE?  (I do not have it handy.)


   This old English birding term probably is unrelated to "jazz."  We went birding today and I read the following:

by Bef Van Perlo
Pnceton University Press

Pg. 10:
   What birders call jizz is a difficult-to define combination of size, relative proportions and body carriage of a bird.  Part of a bird's jizz can be its stance (the angle of its body to the flat eqrth or to a horizontal perch).


   A long time ago, I looked for "nine yards" unsuccessfully in these sources:

Title  Words of the Vietnam War : the slang, jargon, abbreviations, acronyms, nomenclature, nicknames, pseudonyms, slogans, specs, euphemisms, double-talk, chants, and names and places of the era of United States involvement in Vietnam / by Gregory R. Clark.
Imprint Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, 1990.

Title  In the field : the language of the Vietnam War / Linda Reinberg.
Imprint New York : Facts on file, c1991.

   Again, I believe that the LOS ANGELES TIMES will give us a good citation in about a month or two.  However, I might jump the gun a week after next and revisit the War College Library at Carlisle, Pennsylania.  I last visited it in 1999 and found much slang (see archives), but was not particularly looking for "Montagnards."
   I will also be looking especially for military food, such as MREs.
   If anyone has specific research requests for me to do there, e-mail me within the week.  Check its online library catalog.  I filled out a request form and just received this response:

Dear Mr. Popik,

Your query has reached the U.S. Army War College Library at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  The agency here at Carlisle Barracks best able to help or advise you is the U.S. Army Military History Institute (MHI).  In fact, Ms. Shephard's book is in MHI's collection.  Please redirect your inquiry to USAMHI at the following Internet web site:

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