antedating of "bug-eyed" (1879)

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Jan 18 03:09:33 UTC 2004

OED and M-W both have 1922 for the adjective.  While I can't attest to the writer of my cite using the term to refer to the eyes resembling an insect, I still offer:

24 April, 1879 _Reno(NV), Weekly Gazette. 2/3.

<<It is unfair for the newspapers in their reports of ministerial and other church trials to indulge in unsavory flings at prayer.  The report usually says:  "After prayers were offered, Brother So-and-so plead not guilty to a charge of undue familiarity or of something else," and pretty soon it says, "Sister biggs told Brother Hayne he was an old bible-backed, bug-eyed liar from Bitter creek," and winds up with "the session closed with the doxology and benediction by Brother Myers."


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