"Don't Go Mungo Park" & DOA (1946) & Boney-ize & Ghana Food

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Sun Jan 18 22:26:31 UTC 2004

   Greetings from the Coconut Grove Beach Resort & Conference Centre in Elmina Grove, Ghana.  Tomorrow I tour the "castles" where slaves were shipped to the West Indies.  I have a 10-hour layover in the Lagos, Nigeria airport on Friday and return home on Saturday.
   I'll probably be without internet for at least two days while at Mole National Park.

"OK" SIGN--Seen on a Colgate toothpaste ad and a Maggi food ad.

RETROSPECTIVES--I signed up for ProQuest Historical Newspapers's newletter, and the first one arrived recently in an e-mail.  Perhaps some of us can write for it--just don't mention Ancestry of Newspaperarchive.


   "Don't Go Mungo Park" was seen on an AIDS prevention ad in Accra, Ghana.  I was told that Mungo Park didn't like to wear socks.  (Popular knowledge here?)  It's an ad to encourage condom use.
   Another ad is A-B-C:
A--Abstain (from sex)
B--Be faithful (together)
C--Condom use (everytime)


   Some thoughts during my flight on Ghana Air.  OED has 1955, but the DOA movie is from 1950.

Zanesville Signal - 11/2/1946
...a corONer arrived he prONounced him DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL) They sent for the morgue.....to civilian clothes ants than either; That DEAD horses smell than DEAD men, but that the.....T5c, 6 mONths ONe year __ Walter Winchell ON Broadway 'GOT ROOM A LITTLE PAT OH THAT.....Richj ard Watts, the critic, with notes _, ON his recent invasiON of the i tides and..
Zanesville, Ohio   Saturday, November 02, 1946  841 k

Sheboygan Press - 1/19/1931
...where he had gONe to get fire wood. He was DEAD ON ARRIVAL at a hospital. MattoON Aid To.....t today ..Sold by deali ers everywhere, DOA MVS ills APfWKTfC tho Cheese Producers.....he rehis death in 1870. Ji'e Corn puny T Is DEAD Farm Citizens By George THacher Quality.....who ;av'l with the cONcern for wa.i DEAD today h. uf the akON at 'Mlnclinac 1..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Monday, January 19, 1931  611 k


   We were boarding the bus.  A Vancouver woman (you know, age 70-100 on these tours) said "Don't boney-ize that seat!"  She said she used the term as a child.  Correct spelling?  OED?  DARE?


   I bought two Senegal cookbooks (in French); perhaps I'll post the food terms later.  Pre-order the cookbooks now at a Bonnie Slotnick cookbook store nearest you.
   Ghana is an English-speaking country within this French pocket of Africa.  The food tonight (groundnut soup, jollof rice) was delicious and highly regional.  I expect to find some cookbooks soon.

(From a road sign--ed.)
Mpusuws, ampesi: yam/plaintain, Tilapia with banku/rice, Fried Fish wuth banku, Fufu with light/palm nut/groundnut soup, Omo Tuo, grilled chicken with kenkey, Tilapia soup with fufu

TIGER NUTS--Sold everywhere...Nothing to do with Tiger Woods' mentality sanity or Tony the Tiger's family jewels.

(Hotel menu--ed.)
Kantamire sauce
Fanti Kenkey
Groundnut soup
Pepper soup
Kakroo (fried plantain balls served with bamabara beans)
Banku with okro stew
Jollof rice

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