antedating of 'slumgullion' (1890)

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Jan 18 22:56:06 UTC 2004

This should antedate only the "watery stew" meaning which is cited in 1902 by OED and M-W.  There is still the liquid meaning from the 1870's.

*The microfilm copy is blurry at the word 'slumgullion' but I am confident that it is indeed that word.

23 March 1890.  Colorado Springs(CO) Gazette.  3/8.

<<slumgullion(?) is a sort of a parody on a dumpling; solid as an Edam cheese, but it will soon rise from the tenderfoot stomach in spite of its weight.>>

I realize that this doesn't fit in with the watery stew meaning, but I think this is where this cite belongs.  The article was talking about the problems of being a roundup cook on the plains.  Perhaps this is a total new meaning.


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