Montagnards & 9 yards proposal

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Mon Jan 19 19:22:20 UTC 2004

    Stephen Goranson's suggestion about "the whole nine yards" is very
interesting and should be written up for possible publication. I'd
suggest first having it appear in my _Comments on Etymology_ (a
series of working papers) as a preliminary step towards formal
publication. Mr. Goranson would of course be listed as the author and
would retain the copyright to whatever he presents.
Also, of course, if he wishes to proceed differently, that's fine
too. My aim is to see that a unified presentation is made available
for scholars and the general public. The working paper would provide
him good feedback (a very helpful process that has already begun with
ads-l), and with some publicity, the article might stimulate former
military people familiar with the Montagnards to provide input too.

    The March issue is the next one I have open for articles on various topics.
So, Mr. Goranson, would you perhaps be interested? (If you have any
questions about this, I'd be very happy to answer them.)

Gerald Cohen
Professor of German and Russian
(and editor, _Comments on Etymology_)
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, MO 65409
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