Silent/Sleeping Policemen and Rumble Strips

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  Greetings from Accra, Ghana.  "Sleeping Policemen" was used in Mali; "Rumble Strips" in Ghana.  Could "Silent Policemen" be earliest?


Indiana Evening Gazette - 6/8/1917
...of a a story of tto timber country. The SILENT POLICEMEN, whose purchase caused so.....the ibeby disappeared she disappeared too. SILENT COPS ON THE JOB Grand Theatre Today..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Friday, June 08, 1917  771 k

Morning News Review - 8/18/1925
...streets are so marked .1 safety zones and SILENT POLICEMEN that ordinarily, there is..
Florence, South Carolina   Tuesday, August 18, 1925  548 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 3/27/1925
...who disobeyed ter Members Affiliates the SILENT POLICEMEN at traffic _ I sections were..
Appleton, Wisconsin   Friday, March 27, 1925  675 k

Iowa City Citizen - 8/31/1917
...heavy traffic o autos thru this place, the "SILENT POLICEMEN" were installed at the..
Iowa City, Iowa   Friday, August 31, 1917  899 k

Sheboygan Press Telegram - 11/24/1922
...order calling for the suspension cf forty SILENT POLICEMEN, charging them with inciting.....resolution immediately. FLOOD GUIS Off 40 POLICEMEN Much speculation has been aroused..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Friday, November 24, 1922  630 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 8/8/1924
...are empowered to establish safety j zones, SILENT POLICEMEN and removal j posts. The..
Appleton, Wisconsin   Friday, August 08, 1924  714 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 8/5/1925, a net work of smaller buoys like the "SILENT POLICEMEN" -most cities have planted..
Reno, Nevada   Wednesday, August 05, 1925  619 k

Gettysburg Times - 3/8/1923
...into office. condition of the said piece of SILENT POLICEMEN must bn of a deplorable.....traffic men like Jacob L Hereter, tons, or SILENT POLICEMEN, was "esides over one..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania   Thursday, March 08, 1923  786 k

Gettysburg Times - 8/4/1923
...within a few daya these greatly improved SILENT POLICEMEN will be in operation at..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania   Saturday, August 04, 1923  697 k

Indiana Evening Gazette - 8/31/1917
...Foiendo in Flm FalM AdAiaaton 6 A lOc DO SILENT POLICEMEN PAINT? Answer They do.. warn you that it is impossible for two POLICEMEN to take care of the situation. The.....of being overturned.. Later in the week the POLICEMEN were ordered to report at..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Friday, August 31, 1917  838 k


Frederick Post - 4/27/1962
...Enclosed was in nickels and pennies. .FOR "RUMBLE STRIPS" iland. says there should fce.....wider J which In BALTIMORE Harry E. use of "RUMBLE STRIPS" to reduce j of tires on the..
Frederick, Maryland   Friday, April 27, 1962  662 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 6/2/1962
...S. 40 in California. The areas are called "RUMBLE STRIPS." and are Squares of small..
Ironwood, Michigan   Saturday, June 02, 1962  907 k

Zanesville Signal - 10/14/1957
...Good Samaritan hospital, Zanesville. RUMBLE STRIPS'SUCCEED CHICAGO Additional "RUMBLE.....a stop sign by giving off a loud RUMBLE as he rides over them are Cook bounty, so successful have the irst STRIPS proved. that 13 boys from the Falls..
Zanesville, Ohio   Monday, October 14, 1957  824 k

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