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There are multiple occurences within each citation below; I can cook up the
complete list if anyone likes.

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Casaux, Charles, marquis de. Thoughts on the mechanism of societies. By the
Marquis de Casaux, ... London, 1786. 433pp. [add'l cites in this volume]

p63 ... Now these consumers are of two sorts, viz. the proprietor of lands,
and the proprietor of money: the latter must also be considered under a
two-fold point of view, as a capitalist for himself, or as a dependant who
receives the money from either of the two proprietors.

Laveaux, J.-Charles (Jean-Charles). The life of Frederick the Second, King
of Prussia. To which are added, observations, authentic documents, and a
variety of anecdotes. ... London, 1789. 566pp. Vol. 2 of 2 (2 vols.
available) [add'l cites in this volume]

p.49 ... As for the gentleman, the merchant, the capitalist, &c. such men
must have been absolutely destitute of conduct and of prudence, not to live
at their ease, in such a country as Silesia, under a government like that
of Frederick II.

Burke, Edmund. Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the
proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event. ... The
fourth edition. London, 1790. 367pp. [lots of add'l cites in this volume]

p.237 ... In every prosperous community something more is produced than
goes to the immediate support of the producer. This surplus forms the
income of the landed capitalist.

[Source: Gale Group, Eighteenth Century Collections Online]


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>capitalist (OED 1792)
>1791 Alexander Hamilton _Report of the secretary of the Treasury of the
>United States, on the subject of manufactures. Presented to the House of
>Representatives, December 5, 1791_ 22 (Evans Digital Edition)  When the
>manufacturing capitalist of Europe shall advert to the many important
>advantages, which have been intimated, in the course of this report, he
>cannot but perceive very powerful inducements to a transfer of himself and
>his capital to the United States.
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