FHB (Family Hold Back) (1898, 1904)

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   More on "FHB."  I couldn't check this immediately in Mali.

The Man in the Street
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Feb 7, 1904. p. 25 (1 page) :
THE REV. DR. JOHN BALCOM SHAW, pastor of the West End Presbyterian Church, declares that the most interesting family he had ever seen had as its head an ex-football player on a champion Princeton team.  He has arranged a system of signals, perfectly understood by a group of children affectionately calling him "Dad."  Dr. Shaw could not make out the signals.  Two he recalled later and solved.
   Just after grace the father of the flock said: "F. H. B.," and while Mr. Shaw ate, the young man talked about many things and hardly touched his food.  Every once in a while Dr. Shaw would hear the young wife say to a child that seemed ravenous, "F. H. B."  The visitor did not happen to be very hungry, and was soon through.  Then came the signal, "F. P. I."  Conversation lagged and the food disappeared.
   Just before Christmas Dr. Shaw was in a market where he saw a particularly fine turkey.  He received an inspiration.  "F. H. B." must be "family hold back," and "F. P. I."  "family pitch in."  The turkey was expressed to the New Jersey clergyman football player, and tacked to it was Dr. Shaw's card, with large letters on it: "F. P. I."
   A few days later he received a note signed by his friend and bearing the letters:
   "C. S. T.  N. T. L.  F. P. I."
   This Dr, Shaw interpreted as meaning:
   "Children send thanks.  No turkey left.  Family pitched in."
 (An illustration of a bird with the sign "F.P.I." is on the page--ed.)

Display Ad 12 -- No Title
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Sep 6, 1935. p. 10 (1 page):
THERE won't be any "Family Hold Back" when you serve Clicquot Club!
Topics of The Times
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: May 16, 1957. p. 30 (1 page):
   Abbreviations reach us at every corner today.  Probably the first that we learn is F. H. B., that whispered command from the kitchen when father brings home a few unexpected guests and "family hold back" is the only possible way by which the chicken can be made to go round.

Bumping -- Or, Why You Won't Be on Flight 602 to Jamaica; Bumping -- Or, Why You Won't Be on Flight No. 602
By PAUL HOFFMAN. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Dec 26, 1971. p. XX1 (2 pages)
Pg. 4:  It's like the emergency signal to deal with the arrival of the unexpected dinner guest--"F.H.B.," family hold back.

New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Aug 1, 1993. p. SM12 (1 page):
   Thus, anxious mothers have long whispered "F.H.B."--family hold back--lest there not be enough shrimp salad to serve all the guests.
(RTM and LOL and ROTF and TFS are also here--ed.)

Activities and Plans of Women in Many Spheres.; VICTORY VISTA DAZZLES SIGHT; Democratic Women Gather to Hear Cummings; Vision of Party Members in Office Dumfounds; Rough Sledding Forecast for Republicans
MYRA NYE. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Sep 8, 1922. p. II6 (1 page):
   "I am very well aware that the saying is 'Family hold back,'" said Miss Foy in introducing her sister, "but I can't do that any longer."

Display Ad 31 -- No Title
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 27, 1922. p. I7 (1 page):
   There is no danger of there being more appetite than turkey in our Thanksgiving preparations!  There will be no cry of Family Hold Back!

Display Ad 23 -- No Title
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jun 21, 1935. p. A10 (1 page):
THERE won't be any "Family Hold Back," when you serve Clicquot Club!

Emergency Shelf Helps Housewife
LONA GILBERT. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 8, 1938. p. A6 (1 page):
   In this alphabetized day, there is one combination of letters which had mysteriously disappeared.  it is the "F.H.B." of our childhood.  That, you remember, stood for "family hold back" and was whispered discreetly whenever unexpected guests dropped in for a meal.

Sharing the Meat
Dorothy Emerson. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Dec 31, 1942. p. 14 (1 page)

The Wide Horizon; Call for Kitchen Commandos
By Josephine B. Ripley. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Apr 5, 1943. p. 18 (1 page)

U.S. Meat Ration Gets Closer to Bone; Better Distribution Army Has Huge Larder
By Josephine Ripley Staff Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Mar 19, 1945. p. 12 (1 page)

OWI Reports Feeding Europe Is Needed to Avert Anarchy; Food for Freedom Is Food for Thought All Comes Back to Food No Need to Go Hungry
By Josephine Ripley Staff Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jul 30, 1945. p. 1 (2 pages)

'Give Him Thy Cloak Also'
By Mabel Slack Shelton. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Apr 20, 1953. p. 16 (1 page)

Wimbledon: 'Family Hold Back'; SPORTS International Attraction Held Back Biggest Surprise
By Sydney Skilton Sports Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jun 20, 1962. p. 10 (1 page)

Easter, long, long ago
Mary Manning. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Apr 12, 1979. p. 19 (2 pages)

Recording 'in-house' folklore for future generations; Taping can log ancestry, nicknames, foods, phrases
By Deborah Churchman Special to The Christen Science Monitor. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Oct 20, 1980. p. 14 (1 page)

Capital - 4/3/1985
...will put the FHB plan into action FAMILY HOLD BACK. It always reminds me of the.....middleaged, are demanding that 1 write a FAMILY history, as I've had a very successful.....Should I confess all to the entire FAMILY and brazen it out? As for friends, I.....of their heritage. If you fear that your FAMILY will think less of you, you're wrong..
Annapolis, Maryland   Wednesday, April 03, 1985  574 k

Indiana Evening Gazette - 11/23/1970
...Thanksgiving Menu There's thing as "FAMILY HOLD BACK" on Thanksgiving Day for this is.....The dub approved the adoption of a .local FAMILY for Christmas and also several elderly.....CORN PARTY Young Twp. Firemen, willHOLD a corn party at Morgan's Recreation.....will head the shopping spree for the .FAMILY, while Ellen Prick will head the one..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Monday, November 23, 1970  816 k

Clearfield Progress - 11/21/1934
...Song. Margary Ann Hudson. Play: "FAMILY HOLD-BACK." Cast of characters: Ma. Miss.....FROM PAGE 1) A letter, believed by the FAMILY to have been written by Weiss but..
Clearfield, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, November 21, 1934  759 k

Troy Record - 8/6/1943
...21 'FAMILY HOLD BACK' Rule For Americans Until Fighters.....fruit syrup. Pour into tall glasses con HOLDWartime Picnic j in BACK Yard I If your.....coax -those finicky hot weather appetites BACK to normal. JEIXIED BEET RELISH SALAD 1.....a picnic supper and taking them to the BACK yard to eat it, inj stead. After all..
Troy, New York   Friday, August 06, 1943  681 k

Edwardsville Intelligencer - 8/29/1908
...bank pered H. E.'t 'she meant -'FAMILY' HOLD BACK -because the. article of food then.....full. but he's beginning to tell -w B nice FAMILY he eoinep Courier-Journal. A.....the house the other day he leaned his head BACK against one of the ornamental tidies she.....he arrived at the house. The members of the FAMILY talked nicely and appeared cordial all..
Edwardsville, Illinois   Saturday, August 29, 1908  687 k

Evening Post - 9/4/1912
...as an opposite to "F. H. B." or "FAMILY HOLD BACK." I for one at least had never.....meeting will be held October 1. Company A BACK From Cumberland. The boys of Company A.....them, and this is the place to get 'e stand BACK of every garment. Ladies'. Misses' and.....I have suffered with my kidneys. My BACK ached and I was annoyed with bladder..
Frederick, Maryland   Wednesday, September 04, 1912  674 k

Holland Evening Sentinel - 5/31/1957
...enjoyed after which another play "FAMILY HOLD BACK" was presented: Those taking part.....car .for the business man on the road for a FAMILY. taxi these new Studebaker Scotsman..
Holland, Michigan   Friday, May 31, 1957  737 k

Chronicle Telegram - 6/22/1934
...and Rev. Hanna of Kipton: Play. "The FAMILY HOLD-BACK" Old Glory (Grange; Musical Reading..
Elyria, Ohio   Friday, June 22, 1934  599 k

Lethbridge Herald - 2/8/1949
...H.B. and M.I.K. The first stood for FAMILY HOLD BACK (meaning no requests for a secoftd.....guests dropped in and trie members of the FAMILY wanted -to do the right thing The two.....and Mrs. E. U. Rylands re-jChora Society fOHOLD turned to the city Monday evening i.....this date we like to think, That winter's BACK is broken; But please receive these..
Lethbridge, Alberta   Tuesday, February 08, 1949  909 k

Stevens Point Daily Journal - 4/1/1913
...bedside. Does Not Suffer at End. The FAMILY HOLD BACK the exact details ot the end.....can ;be rtoadtiito provide breakfasts tor a FAMILY of four for four day s ;at a cost cent.....Near Him in Last Body Will Be Brought BACK Home. Rome, Italy, April In the royal.....Norton Grew, member of an aristocratic old FAMILY of New York. They have three sons and..
Stevens Point, Wisconsin   Tuesday, April 01, 1913  891 k

Daily Herald - 6/6/1898
...F. H. B.. In this Instance nands for FAMILY HOLD BACK. Bostct Traveler. The best.....the board. Immediately the members of the FAMILY ire aware of the circumstances, and.....to play, That the children's faces might HOLD them fast For many and many a day. If I.....injurious, but a shoulder, under-arm, side, BACK, and heel of medium height with good..
Delphos, Ohio   Monday, June 06, 1898  946 k

Sheboygan Press - 3/19/1965
...in the kitchen" and "F. H.B." says "FAMILY HOLD BACK." MRS. T. D. P. DEAR POLLY I read.....CRAMER DEAR POLLY When we haw company -my FAMILY uses the initials "M.I.K." and "F.H.B.....My husband works in a khaki uniform and its BACK seam always comes out after several.....in a private home and participates in the FAMILY life and activities of her Mexican..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Friday, March 19, 1965  793 k

Bradford Era - 7/23/1946
...Stales should observe the old rule: FAMILY HOLD BACK. and Douglases first came on the.....They don't vilify him and curse his FAMILY to the fourth generation just because.....again. Summer is the season when it takes HOLD, and the pullers. Then Indians took up.....That was when the farmers were HOLDing BACK on delivering grain to the elevators..
Bradford, Pennsylvania   Tuesday, July 23, 1946  824 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 11/18/1937
...planned featuring a short play, "The FAMILY HOLD-BACK.'' Characters are Jimmy and Gerald.....station for two weeks, has moved with his FAMILY to Milwaukee. New London Office and.....frame act like a sailor's "ssa-leggcd" walk HOLD you steadier on curves lick the humps.....adult and chilnot exceeding per month. I FAMILY, m this city dren's sections have been..
Appleton, Wisconsin   Thursday, November 18, 1937  787 k

Coshocton Tribune - 6/16/1937
...vo hundred policemen have been assigned to HOLD BACK the croxvd expected to gather.....for 20 guests. Members oi the Finlay FAMILY HOLD their annual picnic at the home.....of Coluinbus i spent the week-end, with hisFAMILY on rqad. Don Strothers, V.'ooster.....attending included j'-Ifirgaret Porter FAMILY, .MT. sno R. K. Kerr sons. Mr. Mrs..
Coshocton, Ohio   Wednesday, June 16, 1937  725 k

Zanesville Signal - 5/26/1938
...education, Wilma Israel; d4alog. FAMILY HOLD BACK; "The Dream." Frederick Pletcher.....her happiness to keep her extravagant FAMILY in funds, anH a carefree individualist.....j iiv which momWorkers. Unit No. 1. will HOLD an A throe day rally Innen meetinE at o.....before the end. The picture brings BACK Betty Compson, an old favorite of silent..
Zanesville, Ohio   Thursday, May 26, 1938  852 k

Washington Post - 8/7/1917
...were occupied by the enemy. attempt to HOLD BACK the ad vancing enemy in the region.....diplo matic service, and with the Von Wedel FAMILY HOLD the record In that respect I in.....His wife was Baroness von Stumm, a FAMILYwhich has 21 members in the German.....north east of Czernowitz in an attack drove BACK the enemy upon several villages..
Washington, District Of Columbia   Tuesday, August 07, 1917  730 k

Coshocton Tribune - 4/3/1931
...who Is enrolled at Play, "The FAMILY HOLD BACK." Donald Everhart, Mrs. Ernest.....members of the Epworth League and will HOLD a sunrise service and this will be.....and Paul Brownfield made fTHas Your BACK] Given Out?BACKache Often of Disordered.....on the subject, "The Fullness of the HOLD Quilting The W. F. M. S. of the Orange M..
Coshocton, Ohio   Friday, April 03, 1931  616 k

Mountain Democrat - 3/25/1985
...will put the FHB plan into action FAMILY HOLD BACK. It always reminds me of the.....a magazine who were doing a story on my FAMILY. Throughout the day the cast of..
Placerville, California   Monday, March 25, 1985  504 k

Nevada State Journal - 10/24/1948
...in some hard situations. F. H. B. (FAMILY HOLD BACK) was a code our mother used when.....of course, came from my wife's side of the FAMILY. She tells how some generations BACK.....where it is no longer safe to remain if you HOLD opposing political views, I have passed.....Laura Haggerty (of the rich construction FAMILY) is in Switzerland a year. The dented..
Reno, Nevada   Sunday, October 24, 1948  780 k

Gettysburg Times - 4/3/1985
...will put the FHB plan into action FAMILY HOLD BACK It always reminds me of the.....message was perfect. I read it aloud to my FAMILY. It motivated me to improve my.....the last 10 years, flavor has been brought BACK after concentrating on resistance to.....the personal rewards I did not get from my FAMILY I am married to a humorless..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, April 03, 1985  472 k

Times Recorder - 5/26/1938
...education, Wilma Israel; dialog, FAMILY HOLD BACK; Frederick Pletcher; Down in the.....Closing Day Program Antioch school wffl HOLD Its closing duy program on Friday with.a.....batfc to a of Try a box at our Money BACK not delighted. Sold by Main, Inc. mid..
Zanesville, Ohio   Thursday, May 26, 1938  1018 k

Atchison Daily Globe - 2/25/1954
...company, too. and the meaning was ''FAMILY HOLD BACK." GLOBE SIGHTS K. W. An Atchison.....to his employer, his friends and his FAMILY. The doctor mentioned estimated that.....unwarhave been some charges 10 years ago. BACK in lil'H when Julius Itosenberg worked.....and exclaimed "FHB" as members of the FAMILY helped themselves. It was a secret..
Atchison, Kansas   Thursday, February 25, 1954  675 k

Freeborn County Standard - 3/9/1898
...H. B." in this instanc stands for "FAMILY HOLD BACK." "We should never accustom.....economy in public SECRET SIGNAL. Tip to the FAMILY If There Ko ISuongrli to Go Around.....and in hose countries anarchy has little HOLD. Vhere socialism is checked as in Rusia.....pick and> barrow and drill. Darcie himself BACK in his and slipped the telltale member..
Albert Lea, Minnesota   Wednesday, March 09, 1898  1242 k

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