Montagnards & 9 yards proposal

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Sun Jan 25 13:47:31 UTC 2004

Thank you Barry Popik. An excellent suggestion, to look at papers such as White
Elephant News. Informal papers that allow slang, letters, and diaries from
Vietnam, esp. I Corps
Area, are likely suspect sources. You the man.

Thank you Sean Fitzgerald. You gave a very helpful link to ane-list; I hope
interested in this phrase will read it. As I see it, Rex H. McTyreire offered
support. He
went to Ft. Bragg in 1968 and first heard the phrase there, from Special Forces
Vietnam Vets,
some wearing Montagnard bracelets. That's support.

By the way, numberwise, google gives several hits for Montenyards and mon-ten-

On meiosis in Mole's 1970 title, mayhaps not the most apt concept in this
context. His 1996 title, note the article, is: The Montagnards (tribes-people)
of I
Corps, South Vietnam. And the 1968 title (same 9 tribes in all 3 cases), The
Tribes of I Corps, South Vietnam. The I Corps area provides the limit. Mole
need not have intended the phrase. But was he attentive to numbers? Well, he
was a Seventh-day Adventist minister. His 1957 B.D. thesis title: An Inquiry
into the time elements in the fifth and sixth trumpets of Revelation Nine.

Stephen Goranson

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