"The sky is the limit" (1909)

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   I saw the movie SEABISCUIT (2003) on the flight home.  There were several
anachronisms.  "Tex-Mex" appears on a background billboard at Tijuana in the
early 1930s.  Also, "Hope and Crosby" is mentioned in the 1930s, before their
first road picture together (ROAD TO SINGAPORE, 1940).  I sent that one to
   One character uses the word "shit" frequently in the 1930s.
   "The sky is the limit" was used.  OED has that from 1920.  I'm using
www.newspaperarchive.com on my computer at home.  Why is "Welcome Addams County
Historical Society" on the right part of my home screen?

Welcome Addams County Historical Society !
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Coshocton Tribune - 4/30/1912
...THE munitions ol: political warfare, 'THE SKY IS THE LIMIT to THE amount
THE friend may.....will be up i'or bearing June 3. IS THE LIMIT for Friends
ATTORNEY GENERAL HOGAN.....name of THE city in which it IS located. THE ONE IS
PRINTED AS FREE SENTIMENT. THE.....county commISsioners Monday relatives to THE
rebuilding of THE bridge over where THE..
Coshocton, Ohio Tuesday, April 30, 1912  637 k

Daily Review - 4/21/1909
...to Mr. Cowels IS to come home. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. If Peoritt keeps op
its state.....IS against THE thing that IS all THEre IS to THE story at thIS
session of congress.....has THE ring of an imperial edict. Right at THE end IS a
verb which IS THE key to THE.....THE outcome of THE election, but remember
THE new mayor will be at THE head of THE city..
Decatur, Illinois Wednesday, April 21, 1909  602 k

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