1913 slang "gazipe"; thanks for help

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Mon Jan 26 02:15:59 UTC 2004

    My thanks to Douglas Wilson and Sam Clements for directing me to
the 1913 article containing "gazipe." Sam told me how to access
Newspaperarchive, and I've now hand copied the entire relevant
article (not very long).

    Tomorrow I'll type it all out for ads-l.  Meanwhile,
Newspaperarchive lists 3 references for "gazipe," but two turn out to
be the same article (_Sheboygan Press_, Wisconsin, 3/25/1913;
_Stevens Point Daily Journal_, Wisconsin, 3/20/1913). The third one
involves a misreading. For the _Reno Evening Gazette_ (1912), what is
supposed to be "Gazipe" turns out to be "Gazette."

    The thoughts I presented in my draft of a working paper earlier
today were all wrong.

Gerald Cohen

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