MacNeil-Lehrer News Hr

Matthew Gordon GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU
Mon Jan 26 17:02:52 UTC 2004

FWIW According to the Newshour website Lehrer is a native of Wichita,
Kansas and went to college in TX and MO.

Dennis R. Preston wrote:

> I though Lehrer was an Oklahoman; perhaps transplanted?
> dInIs
>> McNeil hasn't been on the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour for 10 or more
>> years.  It
>> has been the Lehrer News Hour for at least that long. The speaker was
>> indeed
>> Lehrer; not a Canadian, but rather a North Carolinian.
>> Jim Stalker
>> David Bergdahl <einstein at FROGNET.NET> said:
>>>  It was MacNeil (Of McN-L) that was a Canadian Scot.

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