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RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 26 19:59:32 UTC 2004

In a message dated 1/26/04 1:28:04 PM, debaron at UIUC.EDU writes:

> Of course, since the movie example is scripted and edited, I'm assuming
> it's less likely to be performance error.
> Dennis

I'm sure you've checked to make sure that what you are looking at is a script
for the movie rather than a transcript? Often the published versions of movie
"scripts" actually is a transcript of what was actually said. For example,
Cary Grant's infamously perplexing ejaculation, "Because I've just gone gay all
of a sudden," in the 1938 movie BRINGING UP BABY, was actually an ad lib, not
in the original script. But the printed versions always have it, anyway.

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