origin of "Bruce" implying "gay"?

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Tue Jan 27 18:17:00 UTC 2004

The claim refers to the book Seduction of the Innocent, by Dr. Fredric
Wertham. The book dates back to 1953 or so. (I'm sure a librarian can hammer
out the date.) In this work, Wertham attacked the comic book industry as
being an evil influence on children.

Here's some info about the book: http://art-bin.com/art/awertham.html

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Subject: origin of "Bruce" implying "gay"?

> Someone on another list I subscribe to wrote:
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> This is where "Bruce" as a synonym for a gay man came from.  As in
> "Bruce Wayne."  Wertham said that the arrangement where Bruce Wayne and
> Dick Grayson live together was a gay man's wet dream.  Hence the
> appearance in some parts of the Batman Mythos of Bruce's elderly aunt
> (disremember her name) to provide some sort of female presence.
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> What's known about the origin of this -- well, I wouldn't call it a
> synonym, but a snide implicator?
> -- Mark A. Mandel

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