Airmail; Scrubbing

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Thu Jan 29 23:57:36 UTC 2004


   From today's NEW YORK POST, 29 January 2004, pg. 28, col. 2:

   The city's housing projects, especially the roofs and hallways, are
dangerous--not just in the (Col. 3--ed.) minds of officers, but also in reality.
Drug dealers hone their shooting skills on the roofs and launch projectiles such
as bicycles or rocks (known as "airmail") at cops on the sidewalks.  Officers
rounding corners on the roofs of projects have been shot at.
   Rapists drag their victims up to "the pebbled illusion of space and open
skies," as the Times calls public-housing roofs, and violate them in the
pastoral quiet.

(Hey!  Stop that!  If it's in the TIMES, it's fit to print!--ed.)


   Also in today's NEW YORK POST, 29 January 2004, "When Teachers Cheat," pg.
30, col. 1:

   When kids _still_ fail (and far too many do) they're passed along anyway.
   Now comes another trick: Adding points to bump up Regents scores just
enough to nudge them into the passing zone.
   It's known as "scrubbing."
   "Scrubbing is something we do to help the kids get their asses out of high
school," one Manhattan English teacher told (Post reporter Carl--ed.)

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