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Anne Gilbert kebara at COMCAST.NET
Thu Jul 1 01:03:45 UTC 2004


I run a a couple of e-mail lists myself(one part time while the "real"
moderator is unable to come to the computer), and my experience is, people
use pseudonyms for a variety of reasons.  In some situations, it's because
they *have* been "flamed" when they use their real names.  In other cases,
some people are just plain "paranoid", and are afraid that if they use their
real names they may be open to identity theft or worse.  Then there are the
people with hostile intent or those who who send spam. *They* don't use
their real names, and they often change them so they can't be traced.
Finally there are what is known in computer parlance as "netloons":  people
with genuine mental or emotional problems who may be hostile, "wacko", or
just have some "weird" ideas they are ttrying to promote, but often do so in
a disruptive way. The last two categories are, fortunately, not very common.
The first two are more common, and if you know anything about the Interent,
it's easy to see why.
Anne G

> For better or for worse everybody knows your and my name. I have never
> thought of disguising my name but thought better of it.
> If I make an ass of myself then so be it but I will make an ass of myself
> above my signature. It won't be the first time nor the last time that I
> made an ass of myself.
> This brings up two topics for discussion on this list:. The first is why
> anyone would choose to use a pseudonym on this list.
> The second is there any pattern to the use of pseudonyms online and do the
> people who use them use different pseudonyms on other lists?

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