Periods after abbreviations

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Thu Jul 1 17:06:24 UTC 2004

On June 30, 2004 10:25 PM, Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:
> >...Not true--i was explicitly taught (in the US), and have
> seen in usage
> >manuals, that the commas in such circumstances are
> optional, and it doesn't
> >matter which you use as long as you're consistent (though
> the Chicago Manual
> >prefers inclusion of the comma, with the stated reason
> being to avoid the
> >risk of ambiguity).
> I remember being taught to put in a comma before the "and."  This is
> clearly demonstrated in the wonderful quote:
> "I dedicate this book to my parents, Ayn Rand and God."
> Rima

A great quote and a perfect illustration of the point!  Where is it
from -- or did you make it up?

Standard lexicographical practice is to use a comma before 'and' in a
list, for exactly the reason given in the Chicago Manual and
exemplified by Rima's quote.


P.S.  Happy Canada Day to Canadians on the list.

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