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   An article in the Thursday Now section of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is: "Hot Dog!  Coney contest is first bite in the stuff-your-face season."
   Pg. 40, col. 2:  "In 1997, he (George Shea--ed.) co-founded the International Federation of Competitive Eating with an eye toward becoming the official governing body for 'gurgitators' worldwide."
   It looks like Shea coined or popularized the word in this context.  (There are earlier computer hits.)  If this thing gets big enough, maybe they'll hold events like this in a Shea Stadium?
  OT, "GURGITATOR" COMPETITIONS I WANT TO SEE:  Eric "Badlands" Booker vs. the Olsen Twins.

International Federation of Competitive Eating - TEAM IFOCE ...
2002 Weight: 1.0 lbs List Price: $16.95 Get the latest news ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages
... champion will be crowned. The most famous gurgitator will be Ed "Cookie"
Jarvis, who will fly in from Long Island, NY. Jarvis is world ... asparagus2004/articles/8asp.php - 58k - Cached - Similar pages - Transcripts
... And check this out, Fredricka. Actually a magazine called the "Gurgitator."
An international federation of competitive eating magazine. ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

1. Definitions
... 1. Definitions 1. Gurgitation 2. Gurgitator 3. Warden/Gamekeeper 4. Gurgitation
Quotient 5. Victor 6. Pecking Order (gate number?) 7. Pecking Number 8. etc 2 ... - 17k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

... I kept my eyes peeled for "Hungry" Charles Hardy, the two-time American
hotdog eating champion and marquee gurgitator at the Snackdown. ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Bakersfield's Underground Newspaper | The Blackboard
... normal activity. For those opposed to any sort of physical activity,
new “Gurgitator” over-eating sports will emerge. The “Food ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

CNS: February 16, 2004: Big bellies are out for competitive eaters
... By Joelle Farrell. PHOTO: Sarah Burge Eric Booker, 33, a competitive
eater, or "gurgitator," nibbles at a Carnegie Deli sandwich. ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

Sonya Thomas is: "THE BLACK WIDOW"
... As I asserted before, Kobayashi is the most elite gurgitator the world
has ever known. I feel honored just to be on the same stage as him. ... - 13k - Jun 29, 2004 - Cached - Similar pages

Japanese oogui
... Compared to many of his fellow "gurgitators", Kobayashi is not just
thin, he is downright skeletal, weighing in at a mere 51.3kg. ... - Jul 4, 2002 by Brett Robson - View Thread (7 articles)

Good Food, Good Treats, Good Golly, Let's Eat!
... around the world, six of them women, who compete in its events and are sometimes
featured in its quarterly newsletter called "The Gurgitator." Most American ...
alt.bad.clams - Aug 15, 2002 by Frankenclam - View Thread (1 article)


Fox's 'Glutton Bowl' lures 'gurgitators' with $25k prize ; 'A good eater is a good athlete,' says international body

654 words
18 February 2002
The Washington Times
(Copyright 2002)

It is a consuming passion: They eat for sport, chomping and chewing while audiences howl, judges watch for style and bystanders - well, they stand back.

Chicken wings, matzo balls, pickled quail eggs, cannoli, hot dogs, jalapenos, sushi, pancakes, oysters, mince pie - it's all fair game to competitive eaters who have their own federation, regulations, world records and yes, competitive eat meets where less is definitely not more and the best professional gurgitator wins.

"It's not about gluttony. It's about competitive eating. This is a sport. We train, we compete, we have strategies and disciplines," said George Shea, chairman of the New York-based International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE).

"And it's global - America, Russia, Thailand, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany," Mr. Shea said. "This is a sport of the everyman, because every man can understand it. A good eater is a good athlete."

America gets its first real taste of competitive eating when Fox broadcasts "The Glutton Bowl" on Thursday, a two-hour special that features 40 contestants competing for $25,000 "in a challenge to see how much or how fast they can consume," according to the network.

The qualifying round alone features mayonnaise, beef tongue and butter, among other things. Fox plans a surprise delicacy for the finale, which they promise is "not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach."

In March, the Discovery Channel will explore mega-eating phenomena in a documentary called "Gut Busters."

But it's not quite as crass as all that, Mr. Shea insists. An IFOCE mandate specifies safety and age regulations, careful record- keeping and uniform procedures for those moments when one man will consume 21/2 pounds of mince pie in 30 seconds.

That feat was accomplished by England's Peter Dowsewell two years ago, and it still stands as a world's record.

There are points for "neat eating," a newsletter called "The Gurgitator" and official T-shirts which read "Nothing in Moderation" and come in sizes up to XXXXL. Competitors share training methods - like learning to stretch their stomachs by drinking a gallon of water at one sitting.

The IFOCE also finds sponsors for sanctioned tournaments year- round.

Come November, the group plans a competition that will feature an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

A short history at the group's Web site ( maintains that competitive eating has been around since prehistoric times, and while American eaters dominated the early 20th century, the Japanese now set "record after record before stunned crowds."

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