Pittsburgh-style steak (1976)

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"THIS CHARRED filet mignon is served Pittsburgh style--meaning it's seared on
all sides."
--METRO, Weekend, July 9-11, 2004, pg. 15, col. 1.

Pittsburgh style?

Maybe someone reading this is from Pittsburgh, or is doing a book on American
regional English, or is doing a book on food in America.  You never know.

It's not in DARE.  OED is fast approaching "p."  I don't have FACTIVA handy.

Re: Rarer than rare, 'Pittsburgh-ed'
... Also I've heard black outside/rare middle called "pittsburgh" style
Anybody tell me how this term came to be? ...
alt.food.barbecue - Nov 8, 2002 by J. Helman - View Thread (12 articles)

Re: Steaks: Pittsburg Style
Okay *now* I'm being flippant....could it be that "Pittsburgh style" simply
too lazy to flip the steak? Now, now, I am a Pittsburgher born and bred. ...
alt.support.diet.low-carb - Jun 13, 1998 by Shailagh Collins - View Thread (9

Re: Why GAWD!!! is good
... BTW, blackened in steak parlance is "Chicago style" or "Pittsburgh style
." It
can be referred to as black (as in black and blue), but not blackened. ...
rec.sport.football.college - May 14, 2001 by Jefferson Glapski - View Thread
(40 articles)

Re: How Does A Cigar Smoking Man Like Steak Cooked?
Pittsburgh Style! Charred on the outside--red in the middle! Done correctly,
Scrumptious!!! Most steak houses don't have a hot enough grill though. ...
alt.smokers.cigars - Aug 30, 2001 by Marco - View Thread (70 articles)

Re: Philadelphia-Style hot dogs
... area. It like Pittsburgh-style steak - Huh? I lived in PGH for 16
years and I never heard of a PGH-style steak until I left. The ...
rec.food.cooking - Apr 18, 2004 by John Droge - View Thread (24 articles)

Re: Pittsburgh Cuisine
Pittsburgh Style Steak (charred on the outside, very rare inside)
BBQ Chipped Ham Sandwiches Is the Islay's version like this? I ...
rec.food.cooking - Oct 12, 2003 by Steve Calvin - View Thread (51 articles)

Re: easy tangles
... every man i meet, i'll fuck you till your dick turns blue, etc. so,
did you order your ruth chris steak "pittsburgh style"? jestus
alt.music.tragically-hip - Apr 2, 1997 by jestusg at aol.com - View Thread (3
(Oldest hit on Google Groups--ed.)

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This is also called "black and blue," meaning charred on the
outside,cool--almost raw--on the inside.For the origin of the phrase "Pittsburgh style":


 Progress   Friday, March 26, 1976 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
...Strip STEAK, 14 02. S9.95 Char-broiled PITTSBURGH STYLE Fresh Filet of
Sole.....Elliot Hints At November Election Try PITTSBURGH (AP) Frank thwarted in

 Progress   Friday, April 02, 1976 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
...Strip STEAK, 1 4 oz. S9.95 Charbroiled PITTSBURGH STYLE Fresh Filet of
Sole.....Dishes To Choose From Of Cleat-field PITTSBURGH Although long-distance

 Progress   Tuesday, April 06, 1976 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
...Sirloin Strip STEAK, 14oz. Charbroiled PITTSBURGH STYLE Fresh Filet of

 Progress   Friday, March 19, 1976 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
...Sirloin Strip STEAK, 14oz. Charbroiled PITTSBURGH STYLE Fresh Filet of
Sole.....YOUR Americarri Andersen's, Houtzdale PITTSBURGH Paints SMOOTH AS GLASS
Page 2, col. 1:
N. Y. Sirloin Steak, 14 oz. ....$9.95
   Charbroiled Pittsburgh Style
Shreton Motor Inn
I-80 Exit 17   DuBois

 Progress   Tuesday, March 23, 1976 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
...Strip STEAK, 14oz. S9.95 Charbroiled PITTSBURGH STYLE Fresh Filet of
Sole.....For UMW To Return To Coal Fields PITTSBURGH (APi Thomas Pysell, director..

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