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From:    Margaret Lee <mlee303 at YAHOO.COM>

: I'm a member of a large church with eight associate pastors/ministers
: (four of whom are women), but there's only one first lady--the wife
: of the pastor.

In the Mormon church, the leader of a congregation is always male and has
(in most cases) the title "Bishop". Although being married is a de facto
requirement for being a bishop, i've never heard a title for a bishop's wife
other than "the bishop's wife".

Getting back to governors, Utah's current (though lame-duck) first female
governor, Olene S. Walker, is married to Myron Walker, who is "First
Gentleman", like in Michigan. (To make up for the to my ears diseuphonious
title, he has one of the coolest-looking governor's mansions in the country
to entertain in.)

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