Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Mon Jul 19 22:07:08 UTC 2004

Jesse Sheidlower can elaborate, but as I understand it, Random House
abandoned HDAS for budgetary reasons.

If you need information for publication, questions about Oxford
University Press goals are probably best answered over the telephone.

Otherwise, in general, content-wise and coverage-wise, we have
maintained the original Random House goals. One area where we are
expanding is in promoting the project, which Random House did poorly in
some areas and not at all in others.

Volume III, P through part of S, is scheduled for publication in the
second half of 2006. Volume IV, the rest of S through Z and a huge
biblography, is scheduled for 2008.

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Project Editor, Historical Dictionary of American Slang
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> It was announced some months ago that volume III of the Random House
> Historical Dictionary of American Slang was to be published by Oxford
> University
> Press, and that the project would be finished by Oxford. Does anyone
> know the
> new timetable for publication, and why Random House abandoned  this
> project? Has
> Oxford adopted Random House's original goals, expanded  them, or
> diminished
> them ?

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