slang terms for "clitoris"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Jul 22 06:28:29 UTC 2004

Well, I surely never heard of "pearltongue" or "purrtongue"; I guess I
haven't been getting out enough. I presume "pearltongue" to be primary. I
have heard "pearl diving" ( = "muff diving"), but I never knew what the
pearl was. Jonathon Green's dictionary says the pearl is ... y'all guessed it.

Google does provide a few instances of "pearltongue" = "clitoris",
supposedly a 'chiefly black' word.

Note also French "languette" = "clitoris", which appears in Farmer's
"Vocabula Amatoria", etc.

Also note the charming "budgie's tongue" in the same sense ("budgie" =
"budgerigar" = "parrakeet"). I don't recall ever hearing this myself.

Any connection between "pearltongue" and "poontang"?

-- Doug Wilson

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