Spelling errors as a reflection of non-standard speech

Wilson Gray hwgray at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jul 23 03:34:28 UTC 2004

In the men's restroom, as was said back in the day, in a bar in the
South-Central Area of Los Angeles, I once saw the following graffito
written over a urinal: "Smile! You on Candy Cambra!" Would that I had
been there when that was written! I would have loved to know where the
author came from. I've *never* heard anyone pronounce "camera" as
"cambra" in my entire life. There's nothing surprising in the loss of
an identical consonant before a consonant, though. I.e,. words like
"candid," "comet," and "Hittite" are quite commonly pronounced in
isolation as though spelled "candik," "comik," and "Hittike."

In a different bar in the same area, I once saw a hand-printed sign
advertising the price of a "Picture of beer" and illustrated with a
drawing of a pitcher of beer.

-Wilson Gray

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