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Sat Jul 24 03:56:18 UTC 2004

STAY CLASSY--4,330 Google hits, 39 Google Groups hits
GINORMOUS--19,700 Google hits, 5,180 Google Groups hits
"Stay Classy" is Will Ferrell's catchphrase in ANCHORMAN. "Gonormous" was his 
catchword in ELF.
The HDAS does not have "ginormous," but Jonathon Green's CASSELL DICTIONARY 
OF SLANG cites it as RAF slang from the 1940s.
Re: Dallas--Category Won
... elegant post. I hope your future competitions go well. Stay classy.
-- Keith HOP at "Peng! Right in the toast!" 
rec.arts.bodyart - Sep 2, 1995 by Keith L. Hopkins - View Thread (4 articles)
Re: Chief fans the worst in the league?'
... teams. I'd like to see it stay classy. The players on these two teams
rarely spar, and the fans should follow their example. Personally ... - Dec 10, 1994 by sl930 at - View Thread (1 

Re: Results of Symbol Grounding Poll: Nays (3rd of 3 parts)
... (Now for the poll): If discussion continues to involve ginormous reply's:
END IT If discussion stops taking over whole digests: KEEP IT. ... - Jul 8, 1987 by harnad at mind.UUCP - View Thread (1 article)
Re: Phase-Locked Loop Design
In the (likely) event that the program is a bit ginormous to post
over the net, a snail mail contact address will do just fine. ... 
misc.wanted - Oct 14, 1986 by Richard Andrews - View Thread (1 article)
Re: Something else to watch out for!
... feeling a thing (although I've often wished they really were like soft 
fluffy cotton
wool :-) ) Perhaps the boiling-up was due just to a ginormous thermal from 
net.aviation - Jun 14, 1985 by Brent P. Callaghan - View Thread (17 articles)
Re: Shared code/libraries
... the listings are taller than me (don't forget, they page the OS, since 
it's trivial
with all that hardware help, so they don't really mind if it's ginormous). 
net.unix-wizards - Aug 17, 1983 by Dave Lukes - View Thread (2 articles)
GICLEE--483,000 Google hits, 2,010 Google Groups hits
"When Art Imitates Art: The 'Giclee' Debate" was in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 
21 July 2004, pg. D1.
It is not in the OED.
Art Show List-Texas (june20) part2
... and Richard Leigh Horridge Winter Street Art Center Painting, Work by 
Theresa Ducayet JUDY YOUENS GALLERY, "Willis Lee: Photogravure and Giclee Prints" 
through ... - Jun 20, 1997 by aslt - View Thread (1 article)   
Histoire: Larguer la sauce dans le futal
... cuir. "Oh, dis donc, tu t'es completement vide toi aussi, quelle grosse 
giclee t'a envoyee, c'est super!" Christophe, 20 ans. Si ... 
fr.soc.homosexualite - May 17, 1997 by FRANCK - View Thread (1 article) 
Charlie Hebdo : les articles
... Les manifs se sont terminees par des flinguages, des arrestations et une 
giclee de tortures. La periode de democratisation qui suivra sera vite 
etranglee. ... 
soc.culture.algeria - Oct 2, 1997 by djerroud at - 
View Thread (3 articles)    
ALANA 01/?? MfF,pedo,cns
... culs. Au son de cette suplication une derniere giclee de sperme s'e- 
chappe de ma queue qui fini de se vider entre nos corps. Apres ... - Jan 2, 1995 by _Cyber Kisss_ - <A HREF=" Thread (1 article)    
Re: cocktail ?
... Un peu sucré mais pas mal ! Dans des petits verres bas : - Une tombee de 
grenadine - De la Vodka ou du Gin - Une giclee de Baileys Alexandra ... 
fr.rec.cuisine - Apr 18, 1995 by Jean-Marc Richard - View Thread (2 articles)   

A Blemish on Katz's WWW site
... Muhammad Hamidullah, French, 1981 (10th Edition, completely revised) ``Il 
a ete cree d'une giclee d'eau sortie d'entre lombes et cotes.'' He was 
created from a ... 
alt.religion.islam - Jan 1, 1996 by AAA - <A HREF=" Thread (1 article)   
In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted 
EATING YOUR WORDS says that this OUP book is available from June 4, 2004. (OUP has 
it due August 6th.)  Amazon says: "Customers interested in this title may also 
be interested in: AEROBIC STRIPTEASE--The only official place to purchase 
Carmen Electra's workour DVD series."
See the NEW YORK POST Page Six fight between Mimi Sheraton and William 
Grimes. Mimi's newest is titled EATING MY WORDS.
It appears that William Grimes put his name on the book, but OED grunts did 
most of the work. I've suggested such a book for years. OUP never contacted me 
regarding this book. OUP can use any part of my work without compensation, and 
this book prevents me from selling a similar book.
For people wondering when my food dictionary is coming out, well, there ain't 
no food dictionary. Who's going to give me money for it? Who's going to 
publish it--Oxford? I'm going to publish a dictionary the size and scope of DARE 
all by myself in my spare time after a full day of parking tickets?
The site was mentioned on GOTHAMIST ( on July 22nd, and it 
got well over a thousand hits yesterday.
On the Big Apple Whore Hoax front this week, a writer cited the hoax in a 
July 4th article (see Google News), and Jerry Cohen contacted her, and she 
contacted Peter Salwen, who admitted that it was a "spoof." Salwen "didn't realize" 
it was still on the web. It might, MIGHT, be removed. 
So everything is rounding into place for when the "big apple" sculptures hit 
New York City on August 15th for the Big Apple Fest ( My 
site might get some hits, although it's still way down on Google, even on a 
search for "Barry Popik."
But no matter what the site is or how many hits it gets, the fact is, I don't 
make anything, and I'll never make anything, and I work every day, and the 
city (who I work for) doesn't give me health care, and Oxford (who I work for) 
doesn't give me health care, and I can't even buy health care anywhere, and I 
did all this Big Apple stuff twelve years ago.
I wasn't in the mood for posting much this week and might not be in the 
fuiture. It's nice to see others take up the slack

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