A children's punning/rhyming game

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> Wilson Gray wrote:
> > On my very first day in the first grade 1942 in Saint Louis, I was
> > victimized by the following word game:
> >
> > Q. What's your name?
> > A. Putting and ta'en!
> >       Ask me again
> >      And I'll tell you the same.
> I've heard of it, though I've never heard it myself; my impression was
> that the first line of the answer was "Puddin' tame".

I'm a white person and I recall the rhyme from my childhood. The version I
knew was with "Puddin' tane". (Spelling is approximate; I don't recall it
being written.)

This version also appears in a 1998 episode of the TV show "X Files," spoken
by Agent Mulder.

--Dave Wilton
  dave at wilton.net

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