East Texas blacks shake hands with Oxford University

Wilson Gray hwgray at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jul 24 04:51:46 UTC 2004

After we moved to Saint Louis, we still returned to Marshall, TX, on a
regular basis. While there ca.1950, the big colored boys taught us
young peppers new "bad" words not to be used in the presence of the
'rents. One of these was "plunk," a slang term for wine. I never heard
"plunk" used for wine or anything else anywhere else that I've lived.
Years later, I read somewhere or other that "plonk" was a slang term
for wine used at Oxford University. I was amazed by the similarity of
the two terms, Years after that, I met an Englishman who was a graduate
of Oxford and, of course, the first thing that I asked him was whether
it was true that "plonk" was a slang term for wine used at Oxford. He
replied, "No, that's not true." And, of course, I was sorely
disappointed. But then he continued, "We say 'plunk,''' And I was

-Wilson Gray

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