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Thanks, Carolina.  I have one "fabu / faboo" only and no "faburiffics."  Your note is most helpful.


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I'm 26, and many of my friends feel comfortable using "ginormous" all the
time. Also keep an eye out for "ab-fab" (popularized by the British
comedy), fantabulous, fabu ("fabu" is more current than "fab"),
and faburrific. Vying for first place in the Most Common category with
"ginormous" is "a fuckload of." The latter is not as interesting and
probably not nearly as new.

Also, adding -licious to pretty much anything plays well. You could add it
to a name, as in Pierrelicious or Bonolicious. More common is the
well-known bootylicious or other derivations from nouns, such as chocolicious. (with a noun) (with an adjective) (with a name) (with a product name)
("Devilicious" and "fantarrific" in the same site!) (This is the
only hit I found of "faburrific" on Google, though I expect to see more
soon. My age group already uses it quite a bit in conversation.)
"Just a faburrific job, especially with the weathering and the repaint of
the Tom Sizemore RPT head. Excellent indeed."

At 06:03 AM 7/24/2004 -0700, you wrote:
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>Subject: Re: Stay Classy & Ginormous; Giclee; Eating Your Words;
>I'd have included "ginormous" in HDAS but had only one US cite, spoken by
>a college student in 1972. I have picked up one or two more in the past
>few years. Thanks for reminding me of this word.

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