Brooklyn Side (1911); July Is the Cruelest Month (for "hot dog")

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Sun Jul 25 23:07:35 UTC 2004

> It's been up a few days and got major hits on Friday, after a Gothamist
> mention. Despite that, it's way down on the Google charts. A
> Google for "Barry
> Popik" turns up about hit number 80. It's
> still behind such
> things as "Class Brain." The number one hit for "Barry Popik" is
> "The Straight
> Dope."

Barry, you have to give other sites time to create links to it. Google's rankings are largely based on how many sites link to yours, and more importantly, the popularity of the sites that link to yours. I just created a link from my site to yours yesterday. As sites like mine link to yours, your ranking will go up. (It'll be tough to top "The Straight Dope" though.)

--Dave Wilton
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