Gunkholing ?1995

Mon Jul 26 23:33:22 UTC 2004

        I was right to think the term could be taken back earlier.  From a 6/22/56 article by Peggy Reynolds in the Washington Post:  "Lt. Col. Dickinson, and Club's cruisemaster, intends to go gunkholing in the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay for a week's duration, in his 21-foot Lone Star outboard cruiser."  The same writer used the noun in an 11/25/56 article entitled "Every Sailor Seeks a Gunkhole."

John Baker

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        Well, says that gunkhole as a noun means "a small, sheltered cove for anchoring small watercraft" and as an intransitive verb means "to make a series of short pleasure trips by boat, as from island to island."  There was a 1984 book by Al and Jo B. Cummings called Gunkholing in the San Juans, but I bet the term goes back earlier than that.  I had never heard it before.

John Baker

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