Wackadoos and Hate-triots

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I don't know the future HDAS coverage for "wackadoos." It's not in Jonathon 
>From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 28 July 2004, pg. 27, col. 1:
_Left wing flaps on_
_Wackadoos are still dear to Dems' hearts_
MICHAEL GOODWIN in Boston (Mgoodwin at edit.nydailynews.com)
"They're not patriots," he (Michael Moore-ed.) said of those who disagree 
with him and his new movie. "They're hate-triots."
Ha-ha, very clever.
GO P.com :: Democrat Wackadoos
... Friday, May 28, 2004 Democrat Wackadoos. Something to Yak About –
Democrat Wackadoos Saying that John Kerry’s advisers ... 
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Re: FSU-Miami (one more opinion)
... in common: they both despise the Chicken Littles of U-Florida and ND, the 
two most
rabid, froth-at- the-mouth collections of *wackadoos* ( :-) in college ... 
rec.sport.football.college - Oct 1, 1992 by Robert Jones - View Thread (17 

BladeForums.com: The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion - Michael ...
... sure why I'm wasting my time countering an irrelevent post, but I wrote 
this last
night: I just read an article that used a new term, "hate-triot", that really 
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Michael Moore Rocks the Convention
... Yes, he does call conservatives "hate-triots." Yes, he does say that 
wake up every day "at 6:00 in the morning" so they can "figure out which ... 
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Re: Majority of Americans believe Bush Exagerated
... The bottom line is, for this "hate-triot" at least, there was enough 
evidence to
take Saddam out to begin with. It wasn't necessary to build a better case. 
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Re: Vive Italy!!!! Re: Berlusconi is a clown and doesn't ... 
... I do not like or dislike her, but I would vote for her just to enjoy the 
apoplectic reaction of the fascist hate-triots like Sean Hannity... 
soc.culture.german - Jul 7, 2003 by Paolo Pizzi - View Thread (171 articles)

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