Pizza Margarita (1880?)

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Fri Jul 30 04:54:59 UTC 2004 has been up about a week. I still don't have things in the
proper order, or the 1924 "Big Apple" graphic scanned in yet.

It recently got mentions in places such as Word Detective, eGullet, and Food
History News.

I was looking over some stuff for a possible pizza post, and realized that I
didn't post this yet. The "Pizza Margarita" was thought to have been invented
in 1889.

Queen Margaret at Naples.
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Jul 25, 1880. p. 2 (1

_Queen Margaret at Naples._

>From the Geneva Gazette.

Queen Margaret is in Naples at the palace of Capediamonte, and a story is
related of her which explains the secret of her popularity among the people. A
favorite eatable with the Neapolitans is the pizza, a sort of cake beaten flat
in a round form, and seasoned with carious condiments. The Queen sent for a
pizzaimole, who is famous for his skill in making these cakes, as she said "she
wanted to eat likethe poor people." The man went to the palace, was received,
and having shown a list of thirty-five varieties of pizza, was sent to the
royal kitchen to make the kind which the Queen had selected. He made eight, which
were the ideals of their kind, and the little Prince and his mother found them
excellent, but to eat as the poor people in Naples eat--that is often not
all, and is more than could be expected. But she has visited the poor quarter of
Naples, and sympathizes with the misery she sees there.

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