"Who-all" and "what-all"

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Same in southern California in the late 40s-early 50s.  And it was chanted
to a melody that, if you start with C, goes something like C C C C E-flat C
C, with a rhythm of four quarter notes, two half notes and a concluding
whole note.

(There was a discussion of this on the list some time ago--it's probably to
be found in the archives.)

Peter Mc.

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> Hmmmm! In my southern Illinois ute, we said
> olly, olly oxen free
> I suspect the oxen is just a spelling variant, but we really did say
> "olly," homophonous with "Ollie," definitely not "ally," at least if
> that first vowel is meant to be that of "all" (for those who
> distinguish the two, that is, as all from southern Illinois do.
> dInIs
>> Page Stephens  writes:
>> "When the game was over did you call ally ally outs in free like we did
>> in southern Illinois?"
>> ~~~~~~~~~~
>> We did, but the version in SE NE was "ally ally ocksin free!"  (1930s)
>> A. Murie
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