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On Jul 29, 2004, at 10:27 AM, Page Stephens wrote:

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> For years I have used the word "unthaw" to describe what you do when
> you
> thaw frozen food out, and for years my wife has laughed at me since it
> makes
> no sense.
> Well the other day I was watching a tv program about Clarence Birdseye
> and
> the invention of frozen foods on The History Channel, and an expert on
> the
> subject used the same word.
> Penny damned near fell out of her chair laughing and said something
> like,
> "And I thought you were the only person who was dumb enough to use that
> word, but I guess I was wrong."
> Anyone else ever hear it used?
> Page Stephens

> I've not only heard it, but I also use it. Your story reminds me of
> the Vermont-born buddy of mine who informed me that there's no such
> word as "a-loose," after tiring of hearing me use it. I was stunned to
> see that WC agreed with him, since I've used "a-loose" since about 30
> seconds after I learned to talk. However, vengeance was mine. A couple
> of hours later, as we were watching a college football game, we heard
> the color man say something like, "Did you see the way that Smith
> broke a-loose after Jones tried to tackle him?!"

-Wilson Gray

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