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   A heaping helping of "Country Sayings" against


   Ain't the pope Catholic?

Chronicle Telegram - 10/6/1932
...and if that's too much there ai'nt a COW IN TEXAS. Here's another thought
sixty.....reached his ears at times. Occasionally, as IN the street parade IN
Des .MoINes, there.....them. tho president .said at Des MoINes IN describINg
those acts as IN disregard of..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, October 06, 1932  918 k

Valley Independent - 5/11/1971
...Donner Ave, 684-9991 Monessen THERE ISN'T A COW IN TEXAS If Our Steaks
Aren't The composINg on the guitar and use it once IN a while IN a
performance although the.....audiences screamINg, jumpINg and clappINg IN unison
when they fINish their act IN order..
Monessen, Pennsylvania Tuesday, May 11, 1971  870 k

News Journal - 5/31/1975
...sure to stay that way as long as there's a COW IN TEXAS. Two Ohio Schools
INvolved.....and brands IN a 200-acre spread down IN TEXAS. Nolan, of course,
is really just the.....4-45. LP Segui 3raun Lynn New Ill 002 5 9 TEXAS......
.020 203 9 .Vedich. Pagan Lyle (S.....matchmaker. These liaisons are not made
up IN bars near the ball park, but IN pastures..
Mansfield, Ohio Saturday, May 31, 1975  733 k

News Journal - 5/31/1977
...bear tracks IN the woods and there's a COW IN TEXAS. As a story, it's the
groom showINg.....A.J. Foyt is Clark Gable. As American as TEXAS. As direct as
a bust IN the be out IN a 200-mile-an-hour traffic jam IN a heat
factor IN the cockpit of 115.....make little green apples and it does raIN IN
INdianapolis IN the summer time. And A.J..
Mansfield, Ohio Tuesday, May 31, 1977  796 k


   Not in OED.  The CASSELL DICTIONARY OF SLANG has "late 19C+."
   Said of lawyers, for some reason.

Marion Daily Star - 6/28/1887
...milos in length, and crookeder than a DOG'S HIND LEG. Then again the same
street will..
Marion, Ohio   Tuesday, June 28, 1887  592 k

Delta Herald - 7/18/1884
...bent like hoop poles, or crooked as a DOG'S HIND LEG, or broken in sunder,
evidences of..
Delta, Pennsylvania   Friday, July 18, 1884  671


Hornellsville Weekly Tribune - 6/27/1890
...down in the corner. It would drive A DOG OFF A meAt wAgon. JAmes Lowe
without Any..
Hornellsville, New York   Friday, June 27, 1890  880 k


Chronicle Telegram - 1/28/1986
...messAges, such As: "Never try to TEACH A PIG to SING. It wAstes your time
And Annoys.....the PIG." Or "When All else fAils, lower your.....for the ungrA
teful." And most of us could SING Along to this shirt's messAge: "1 owe, I..
Elyria, Ohio Tuesday, January 28, 1986  400 k

Mountain Democrat - 7/17/1991
...mommA AlwAys told me: "Never try to TEACH A PIG to SING. You wAste your
time. It Annoys.....the PIG." BILL DONDLOE CedAr Grove Something..
Placerville, California Wednesday, July 17, 1991  648 k

Chronicle Telegram - 11/6/1998 of the old sAw About trying to TEACH A PIG to SING: It wAstes your
time And Annoys.....the PIG. School officiAls shouldn't come bAck..
Elyria, Ohio Friday, November 06, 1998  511 k


BLIND MAN + DARK ROOM + BLACK CAT--634 Google hits, 1,730 Google Groups hits

   These are my chances after Slim left the building.
   Actually, the blind man can probably hear and smell, so his chances are
quite good at finding the cat (not that he'd know the color).
   "That isn't there" or "which isn't there" or "that/which is not there" is
often added to the end of this one.

Trenton Times - 2/6/1901
...Justice resembles a BLIND MAN seeking In a DARK ROOM for a BLACK CAT that
Isn't there.....Ill-timed couiugeu "i aumjm services of a MAN who knows what
he puns which are going.....womnn of ability to remain in the school ROOM. '_
The teachers' begins early In the.....riices are the descendants of Shem. The
BLACK races are descendants of Ham. The most..
Trenton, New Jersey   Wednesday, February 06, 1901  683 k

Manitoba Free Press - 2/3/1922
...heen compared to a BLIND MAN groping In a DARK ROOM for a BLACK CAT that
Isn't there.....of the CAT nor the DARKness of the ROOM would be n handicap to
n BLIND but.....tho white MAN's rule over the native BLACK MAN there. series
of brutal siys a writer In.....Significance of the Washington Achievement MAN
and peace and Tho cymes who tell the..
Winnipeg, Manitoba Friday, February 03, 1922  989 k

Lethbridge Herald - 6/12/1943
...ago defined metaphysics as a BLIND MAN in a DARK ROOM looking for a BLACK
CAT that isn't.....thing in the world is hunting for a BLACK CAT on a DARK
night when the BLACK CAT is of the Times the sentence: rough, bluff
MAN in the street long.....tor a blanket Is not best garment lor a MAN tnho
wants be jitter he done a..
Lethbridge, Alberta Saturday, June 12, 1943  829 k

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - 6/6/1941
...defined a pessimist as "a BLIND MAN in a DARK ROOM looking for a BLACK CAT
that isn't.....Hitler has sent his prize economic front MAN, Dr. Helmuth
Wohlthat, to Japan in order.....he was too young and inexperienced. FIND MAN'S
BODY New London, Wis. The body of.....Neale told the graduates. "The satisfied
MAN has reached his goal and has no other..
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Friday, June 06, 1941  850 k

Sheboygan Daily Press - 12/6/1909
...of metaphysics, 'A BLIND MAN hunting In a DARK ROOM for a BLACK CAT that
isn't there.1.....a dapper little shape In evening clothes, a MAN still young,
with a round BLACK head; if.....carries his ears. If ward, he may be partly
BLIND or deaf, or both. If the ears are.....both Mercer and Tracy were equally
In the DARK with himself as to Atkins' plans, Atkins..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Monday, December 06, 1909  830 k


MORE CHINS THAN A CHINESE--871 Google hits, 790 Google Groups hits

   That's fat.

Lima News - 3/7/1957
...of Quincy, VTass., knows one who has MORE CHINS than a CHINESE phone
directory. (For.....Earl Wilson 15 Women 12-13 Hit In Lima Two MORE opposition
letters were fired at State.....heavy police guard. Weaver was followed by MORE
lan a score of shouting white men, most.....the fata ity loll in the county at
five MORE han at the same date last year; )ne of..
Lima, Ohio Thursday, March 07, 1957  1173 k

Daily Tribune - 7/9/1973
...into the hotel. She was fat. She had MORE CHINS than a CHINESE telephone
directory. government functionaries, they are MORE aware, MORE Thought
for today I love to.....else. When they get there, they are much MORE likely
to a as the saying would have it.....that is of doubtful legality and is even
MORE suspect ethically. Pike said in a floor..
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Monday, July 09, 1973  722 k

Gleaner - 7/15/2002
...fame. Now my fame has spread. I have MORE CHINS than the CHINESE telephone
directory.....this is an area to which boys are naturally MORE inclined, and
therefore spend MORE time.....week's JAS annual general meeting promising MORE
legislation along with a timetable for.....have become better organised and
MORE sophisticated in the methods that they..
Kingston, Kingston Monday, July 15, 2002  516 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 7/14/1973
...into the hotel. She was fat. She had MORE CHINS than a CHINESE telephone
directory. I.....meltand mold the heavy metal. MOR HEAT The MORE heat which can
be produced, the Rome one summer, her shoes pinched her MORE than
the men did. She said she got calls.....on Magnetic Fields at UNR this week,
is MORE used to talking in complicated terms..
Reno, Nevada Saturday, July 14, 1973  733 k

Lethbridge Herald - 1/9/1984
...jeans, drinks Pepsi Heavy and has MORE CHINS than a CHINESE phone book.
Joan Rivers.....of television shows, and is booked for MORE. "I'm she says. "I
have always wanted to.....She has known pain, and fears poverty MORE than
death. Her mother was born in.....who has pioneered ways of doing less for MORE, is
happy with the arrangement. As Joan..
Lethbridge, Alberta Monday, January 09, 1984  531 k


   That's skinny.

Frederick Post - 7/16/1966
...I suspect he (Addison) could stAnd UNDER A CLOTHES LINE during A rAin
storm And not get.....through grAduAtion were in the offensive LINE. We hAve sever
Al willing people there.....through experience And in the offensive LINE And
the defensive bAckfield, two.....And Bill Gentry (E) heAd up our offensive LINE
. Pete SokAlsky (DE) And Dennis Byrd (DT..
Frederick, Maryland Saturday, July 16, 1966  716 k

News Journal - 10/19/1966
...A pipe deAner between gAmes. He could duck UNDER A CLOTHESLINE in A rA
mstorm. He's so.....Us AlmA mAter. He plAyed lor the WildcAts UNDER PAul "BeAr"
BryAnL The Kentucky post.....LSU -where he bAd been chief AssistAnt UNDER PAul
DietzeL The soft-spoken nAtive of..
Mansfield, Ohio Wednesday, October 19, 1966  708 k


SUBMARINE + SCREEN DOORS--494 Google hits, 420 Google Groups hits

   Useless.  Not practical.
   Who started this one?

Chronicle Telegram - 1/4/1970
...As much sense As the proverbiAl SCREEN DOOR ON A submArine. TO THEM, it me
Ans A girl.....Herbert Hoover Appointed her to serve ON A White House CON
ference ON Child HeAlth.....s A mAchine in ElyriA. it's in A neAt home ON Fifth
Street And it cAn tAke interested..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, January 04, 1970  703 k

Mountain Democrat - 5/14/1980 about as popular as a SUBMARINE WITH SCREEN DOORS WITH the rest of the
fire.....and treasurer took over. SUBMARINE WITH SCREEN DOORS? EDITOR: This
letter is in.....has been a while since writing an article WITH reference to El
Dorado Irrigation..
Placerville, California Wednesday, May 14, 1980  422 k

News - 4/27/1995
...thAt they Are About As effective As SCREEN DOORS IN A submArINe, surely
they constitute.....Their nAmes were prINted on the TV SCREEN beneAth the logo:
"BombINg IN try. The INcumbent wAs the eAsiest shoe-IN IN 1994
IN Frederick County. Mr. Derr And.....only did the RepublicAns mAke greAt g
AINs IN the MArylAnd GenerAl Assembly IN lAst yeAr..
Frederick, Maryland Thursday, April 27, 1995  553 k


   Seems older than the below citations.

Gettysburg Times - 9/14/1983
...line." he said. "If IFS AND BUTS wTere CANDY AND NUTS, we'd have a heck of
a.....looks at you AND wonders where the ball is AND vou kind of smile AND
say. "Gone." AND.....s the fun of it. when you throw the ball AND get knocked
down AND the guy.....But he became disenchanted with the midwest AND with the fro
nt-office meddling AND quit..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Wednesday, September 14, 1983  942 k

Dominion Post - 1/29/2003
...a pause, Porter added, IFS AND BUTS were CANDY AND NUTS, every day would
be Christmas.....eating up two-thirds of the playing time AND Briggs performing
as a role player. AND.....16-3, 4-1) count losses at No. 2 Pittsburgh AND at
No. 7 Kentucky AND to No. 16 Creighton.....of driving. With Thomas at point
guard AND Carroll AND Miller, a senior transfer..
Morgantown, West Virginia   Wednesday, January 29, 2003  691 k

Capital - 9/13/1983
...Don Meredith he said. 'If IFS AND BUTS were CANDY AND NUTS, we'd have a
heck of a.....AND knocked down AND the guy looks at you AND wonders where the
ball is AND you kind AND say, AND you hear him matter an
expletive.....But he became disenchanted with the midwest AND with the front-office
meddling AND quit..
Annapolis, Maryland Tuesday, September 13, 1983  774 k


   These came up on a search for "invented the word."

Appleton Post Crescent - 7/22/1958
...died today. Holmes, whose organization INVENTED THE WORD travelog, jspent
more than.....At THE time of THE contract delay, THE army turned down THE
appeal. as THE pictures were being shown take THE edge off THE silence.
THE club decided to.....feelings in THE United States against THE Soviet
people. THE Soviet reply to THE..
Appleton, Wisconsin Tuesday, July 22, 1958  814 k

Gleaner - 3/8/1998
...CLAIM Contributed Ras'Cardo claims that he INVENTED THE WORD 'reggae'.
somewhat.....producer, says he has copyrighted THE WORD, 'reggae This he did at
THE United.....Do THE Reggae', but no one knew where THE WORD came from up
until THEn. According Latin. "So it just felt he said, "...THE music of
THE kings of THE street." Over..
Kingston, Kingston Sunday, March 08, 1998  426 k

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