homiesexual: probably an inevitable coining

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Sat May 1 15:51:35 UTC 2004

noticed in the may 2004 issue of Out magazine, in a fluff piece about
brush-off lines for use in various settings (Hippie Hollow Park,
Austin, Texas: "Hell, no! You look like you been rode hard and put up
wet."  Amoeba Music store in Berkeley, California: "Dude, I'm really,
*really* sorry..."):

   Homiesexual bar in the West Village, New York City: "Is you playin'?"

putting aside the representation of dialect and speech style, this was
the first time the almost surely inevitable "homiesexual" 'gay black'
(homey/homie + homosexual) had come past my eyes (or ears).  about 7190
hits on google, though.  a great many for Homiesexual, a gay club in
manchester (england england, not new hampshire).  others for an
assortment of black gay websites, including one for james earl hardy,
author of (among other things) B-Boy Blues (1994), "a seriously sexy,
fiercely funny Black-on-Black love story", as the front cover says; the
back cover tells us, in a burst of -in', that the protagonist had
"always wished, hoped, and dreamed for a RUFFNECK -- a hip-hop-lovin',
street-struttin', cool posin', crazy crotch-grabbin' brotha".  very
sweet book, in fact.

arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu), workin' the gay beat

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