Clever, those Japanese (1911); Cut and run (1676?); Cast iron stomach (1868); Blind in one eye (1917)

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CLEVER, THOSE CHINESE--11 Google hits, 36 Google Groups hits
CLEVER, THOSE JAPANESE--13 Google hits, 24 Google Groups hits

   Chinese?  Japanese?

1. A'S STILL HAVE CHAMPS TO BEAT, DECLARES HARRIS; Covey to Hurl For Nats Today Boy Pilot Anticipates Coming Series With Mackmen. Leaders to Meet Here on First Two Days of Next Month.
By FRANK H. YOUNG.. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Aug 11, 1925. p. 14 (1 page):
   Since Barney has bought a house in the "rhubarbs," everybody wants to sell him something.
   Cliff Lee, subbing for Manager Speaker, traveled back quite a ways to turn in a good catch of a long looper off Peck's bat in the fourth.  He also led his team with the willow, getting tow hits.  "Durn clever, those Chinese."

The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Nov 14, 1930. p. 6 (1 page):
      _Clever, Those Chinese._
   Greenville News: The government army in China is easy to recognize.  It confiscates property, while the other one loots.

3. Inscrutable China Policy
The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: Jan 11, 1981. p. B6 (1 page):
   CLEVER, THOSE Chinese.

Of Many Things; Another for Hollywood The Apple Cart" Soon On Broadway" Ubiquity Fred Stone The Westerns Again The Aviator" The Guild Imports Clever, Those Japanese
E.C.S.. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jan 18, 1930. p. 12 (1 page)

Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 29, 1937. p. A1 (2 pages)
First page:  Clever, those Japanese.  They are selling one oyster in a can for $2.  And you can't eat the oyster.

Display Ad 23 -- No Title
The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Jun 2, 1972. p. B4 (1 page):
Clever those Japanese!  Insulated ceramic cup holds hot and cold beverages beautifully.

Foreign Cars: Good Sense Breaks Down
By BERNARD SLOAN. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Mar 13, 1983. p. WC22 (1 page):
   Very clever, those Japanese.

Daily Times - 1/1/1969
...of that famous slogan that would read: Clever THOSE CHINESE Pigs. has broken all an unsuspecting world population through CHINESE contact with Hong Kong. Because the.....20 million lives. It is a cinch the CHINESE aren't going to take kindly to Dr.....I lacked the time necessary to sift THOSE volumes; I am indebted to Jameson..
Salisbury, Maryland   Wednesday, January 01, 1969  610 k

Sheboygan Press - 5/7/1930
...sis Like A CHINESE Doctor CLEVER, THOSE CHINESE I especially when it comes to their..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Wednesday, May 07, 1930  855 k

Indiana Evening Gazette - 12/23/1936
...Alien CHINESE MEDICINE Very CLEVER, THOSE CHINESE. As long ago as 1500 B. C. CHINESE.....many years in China translating, with the CHINESE poet, Kiang Kang-hti. the ancient.....and again, Foci Bynncr recently said, ''a CHINESE patient would yield no results to.....1hc ago-old remedies of Hn< Kasl." Yes, the CHINESE arcvery rlcvcr. And the faith of 1hf..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, December 23, 1936  864 k

Coshocton Tribune - 12/29/1932
...returned unlew accompanied by poctage. ___ CLEVER, THOSE CHINESE IT HAS been a long time.....a rich emerald green with envy. For the CHINESE budget is balanced, says Finance.....bxidgets send commissions to study the CHINESE system, and perhaps negotiate a loan.....and ducts to prevent concentration of CHINESE forces. 15 Ago Today DECEMBER 29..
Coshocton, Ohio   Thursday, December 29, 1932  830 k

Gettysburg Times - 11/11/1942
...blast and quickly went into action. Darned Clever. THOSE CHINESE They pay their docs.....sister, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Forry, Hershey.-THOSE perfect in attendance at the the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mickley. THOSE present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bream..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania   Wednesday, November 11, 1942  849 k

Coshocton Tribune - 9/19/1974
...reduced the leakage about 30 per cent. Darn CLEVER, THOSE JAPANESE. And we can hope the.....itself were heartened by the ingenuity of JAPANESE seamen aboard the nuclear ship Matsu.....content ourselves with merely emulating the JAPANESE. Let us do some creative thinking of.....and other church elders touched briefly on THOSE issues during a press conference prior..
Coshocton, Ohio   Thursday, September 19, 1974  577 k

Newark Advocate - 9/15/1933
...and Ireland. Opinions of the Press. VERY CLEVER THOSE JAPANESE. (Philadelphia Record.....grounds, "the pro tection of American (or JAPANESE lives and property." Occupation of.....Manchuria cos JAPANESE taxpayers plenty but th profits went.....ONLY SEVEN MORE NEEDED. Even THOSE most thoroughly convinced ihat the..
Newark, Ohio   Friday, September 15, 1933  930 k

Sheboygan Daily Press - 3/8/1911
...Have Stolen the Clue From You. dear Mr. are CLEVER, THOSE JAPANESE. 'And afterward you.....of paper that la- on me sidewalk. was not a clever continued Orme. as for Poritol, don't.....and there, at the farther end were the two JAPANESE, intent as children on these wonders.....the circle. He passed so close to the JAPANESE that he could have touched them. The..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Wednesday, March 08, 1911  893 k

Gazette - 2/22/1911
...courtyard." "My dear Mr. Onne I" "They are CLEVER, THOSE JAPANESE." "And afterward you.....that lay on cue sidewalk. "He was not a clever continued Orme. "And as for care to come. Now, be careful." "The JAPANESE where are "At the other side of the.....and there, at the farther end were the two JAPANESE, intent as children on these wonders..
Stevens Point, Wisconsin   Wednesday, February 22, 1911  767 k

New Oxford Item - 4/20/1911 the courtyard." "My dear Mr. "They are CLEVER, THOSE JAPANESE." "And afterward you.....paper that lav on lue walk. _ "He was not a clever continued Orme. "And '.as for care to come. Now, be careful." "The JAPANESE where are "At the other side of the.....and there, at the farther end were the two JAPANESE, intent as children on these wonders..
New Oxford, Pennsylvania   Thursday, April 20, 1911  842 k


BLIND IN ONE EYE AND CAN'T SEE OUT OF THE OTHER--201 Google hits, 243 Google Groups hits

   This is more popular than I thought.  Not many historical hits, though.

MAY LOSE ONE EYE.; Wilson's Vision is Affected; Excessive Reading is Said to be Responsible for His Condition; Demands Made on Executive by the War are Beginning to Tell on Him.
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 4, 1917. p. I1 (1 page):
   "My friend Tiddy, I observe, is blind in one eye, and me friend Woodrow can't see out of the other," observed an Irish wit by way of comment on the recent disclosure of afflictions which beset the two great Americans.


CAST IRON STOMACH--1,960 Google hits, 2,090 Google Groups hits

   Not in OED?

cast-iron. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English ...... PRONUNCIATION: k st rn. ADJECTIVE: 1. Made of cast iron. 2. Rigid; inflexible: a cast-iron rule. 3. Exceptionally strong or resistant: a cast-iron stomach. ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

Daily Northwestern - 12/12/1891 known us the human tiger, with a CAST IRON STOMACH, eats glass, tacks and swallows.....AS AMVltVVH JfRMAK. Tbe Man With a Cuitt .IRON STOMACH COLUMBUS, lnd.. Doc. 12 month..
Oshkosh, Wisconsin   Saturday, December 12, 1891  913 k

Decatur Daily Review - 6/25/1879
...and fifty barrels since last fail. A CAST-IRON STOMACH could hardly be expected..
Decatur, Illinois   Wednesday, June 25, 1879  643 k

Mitchell Daily Republican - 12/21/1886 its a grpru mistake, it requires a CAST IRON STOMACH, ulie with great tone and.....with a heart of atone and a cheek of CAST IRON. They were talking of love and.....In Sim li Bad oi Trulli I rig on au Kinpl.y STOMACH AVeiglit .fiud Height. A do it. Nothing is well digested in the STOMACH aguinst which the palate revolts. I..
Mitchell, South Dakota   Tuesday, December 21, 1886  1045 k

Petersburg Index - 9/22/1868 without headache, tinoke lino a CAST IRON STOMACH, look well in susy clothes, be a.....DllY GOODS. inOX AND STEEL WOKKS. EG T IRON WORKS, Anr.sT'3 OFFICE. S. P. R. E. Co.....Tea Sets, i Dinner SeiS. Toilet Sets. liest IRON Stone, 1 Dinner Sels, i Tea Sets. D'l'he..
Petersburg, Virginia   Tuesday, September 22, 1868  760 k

Ohio Democrat - 3/1/1872
...tbemas it would any one who had not a CAST-IRON STOMACH and the habits of intemperance.....than an inch rope. It stronger than hoop-IRON and more durable, and may be used to..
New Philadelphia, Ohio   Friday, March 01, 1872  1049 k

Helena Independent - 11/2/1875
...ii syuipnthcitic, conipaniqn who has a CAST-IRON' STOMACH. A correspondent do not.....HABDENBROOK. 3, DA-VIS. B. H. Davis Tatem, IRON FOURS MACHINISTS, uSdmS Helena, M. T.....known 1 >tp {relinquish unnatural conduct IRON, sheer' exhaustion.' He was taken to the..
Helena, Montana   Tuesday, November 02, 1875  861 k

Oakland Evening Tribune - 10/1/1874
...first of all, to provide himself a CAST-IRON STOMACH, which would defy the corrosive..
Oakland, California   Thursday, October 01, 1874  422 k


   Discussed in tomorrow's NEW YORK TIMES.  EEBO's hit is earlier, if not great.
Eleven years ago, as many in the United States urged a pullout of U.S. troops from Somalia, Gen. Colin Powell said, ''I don't think we should cut and run because things have gotten a little tough.'' After our hurried retrograde movement from that hostile environment, I provided readers with the earliest citation in the O.E.D.: in 1704, The Boston News-Letter reported that ''Cap. Vaughn rode by said Ship, but cut & run.''

Heath, James, 1629-1664.
A chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland with the intervening affairs of treaties and other occurrences relating thereunto : as also the several usurpations, forreign wars, differences and interests depending upon it, to the happy restitution of our sacred soveraign, K. Charles II : in four parts, viz. the commons war, democracie, protectorate, restitution / by James Heath ... ; to which is added a continuation to this present year 1675 : being a brief account of the most memorable transactions in England, Scotland and Ireland, and forreign parts / by J.P.  1676
Bib Name / Number: Wing / H1321
No. pages: [6], 604, [18] p. :
Copy from: Union Theological Seminary (New York, N. Y.) Library
Found: 1 hit(s)

 A chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland 3072Kb
...and who died not unrevenged,  cut and run through with a...

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